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Proving Grounds

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WoW Proven Assailant Boost

There are many things that the players need to complete in order to be the best within World of Warcraft. On the list of those things, Proven Assailant Questline surely takes one of the top spots. The achievement is obtainable by completing the Endless Damage (Wave 30). Only 10% of accounts worldwide have this very title. That alone states the rarity of this achievement completion. If you don't have the time or the capacity to tackle this one, contact us. We are offering WoW Proven Assailant Boost Service for all of our customers; all year round! If you're looking to place an order at 3 AM, or 3 PM, it matters not.

We will be ready! Also, if you have any questions about this service, make sure to contact us. We have professional agents ready to answer any one of your questions (24/7)! Furthermore, if you'd like to check out our other services, you can do so by clicking on the link here.


WoW Proven Assailant Boost Method

The way that we complete this service is very straightforward and simple. After the order placement, we'd contact you via our live chat (if we're not in touch already). We'll disclose all the details regarding the service and make sure that we're completing it on the correct character, etc. Then, the booster would log into your account after you provide us with the details (login). The booster would then enter your character and complete the service "WoW Proven Assailant Boost". After completion, we'd contact you and inform you that it's been done, and provide you with the proof. Now, for the best part.

We can stream all of our services, this one as well. We will also provide timely screenshots if need be, letting you know exactly where we stand in terms of completion. Also, we'd provide timely updates on your demand at all times. If you don't feel like walking around in the dark, and would like a company that's transparent, safe, and secure, then contact us. We'll gladly assist you with whatever you may need.

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