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Your are looking even more than professional service?
We can offer you one step higher with our VIP section.
If you are interested in make sure to apply.

Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY
Codes Left: 15

World of Warcraft: Legion

  • Raid Carry: Emerald Nightmare, Nighthold (normal, heroic and mythic)
  • Dungeons: Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic Plus Boost (loot runs)
  • PvP: Arena Rating Boost, Battlegrounds, Titles, Prestige (2vs2, 3vs3)
  • World of Warcraft Gold Currency (100k > gold cap)
  • Artifact Weapon (farm option for every class)
  • Reputation, Professions, Leveling…and much more.

League of Legends

  • Placement Games and Win Boosting (get perfect start)
  • Divison Boost (let us raise your rank)
  • Duo Queue Boosting
  • Videos (learn how to improve via custom video lessons)
  • Coaching (get better on your own)
  • League of Legends Accounts and many other things.

Heroes of the Storm: Season 2

  • Placement Games (let the pro get you good starting rank)
  • Solo Queue (bronze rank – grand master rank)
  • Duo Queue (play together with our pro on any rank)
  • Team League (get spot or buy full team)
  • Professional Coaching (achieve desired rank by yourself via lessons)
  • Win Farming, Leveling, Accounts…and much more.

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