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When it is all said and done, who will you be remembered as? The list of titles in World of Warcraft is head spinning and ever-growing. A title can be either at the beginning or end of a player character’s name. Either way your title is a symbol of your achievement within the game. You worked hard to earn your title, so there it is.

There is no limit to how many titles you can attain. However, only one title can be displayed next to your player character’s name at a time. Titles can be achieved through quests, explorations, player versus player, RBGs, Honor system, dungeons, and raids, and more.

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Quest Titles

Veteran of the Fourth WarTrashmaster
PostmasterThe Gullible
Blood ChampionInquisitor
The GullibleThe Stormbreaker
LoremasterThe Flamebreaker
The Seeker

Exploration – Buy WoW Titles today!

Of the DeepsThe Lightbringer
The DemonslayerRelic the Hunter
JunkyardField Photographer
The Explorer


Player versus player

Servant of N’zothThe Horde Slayer
Conquered of AzerothThe Alliance Slayer
Fire WatcherHero of the Alliance
Hero of the HordeGorgeous
KhanVeteran of the Alliance
WarboundVeteran of the Horde
WarbringerThe Bloodthirsty
Arena MasterBattlemaster
Of the AllianceOf the Horde


Claim “The Loremaster” with our WoW Loremaster quest boost. Loremaster is a meta-achievement, which means players must have completed loads of quests prior. Completing these quests is a delicate and strategic process. Players require deep concentration and patience when attempting to jump these hurdles. Most players become discouraged at the idea of having so much work to do in so little time.  Like clockwork, BoostRoom is also here for you.

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We also have all the tips and tricks up our sleeve to navigate these quests. In addition, world quests are more difficult than daily ones, so most players need assistance. Moreover, avoid wasting precious time roaming from area to area. Also, completing a large number of quests puts players in a safe spot. Most players also don’t wish to be bored with doing that. Our team of expert players are also willing to take on this task. Buy WoW Titles today!

BoostRoom also keeps players in mind when offering boosting services. Additionally, players can opt for pilot mode to have boosters enter their account. Your security is also our priority, and we cross all the boxes to ensure a smooth, swift, and secure process. We also offer frequent discounts, so our service is highly accessible. Moreover, players rave about their improvement after working with our team of professionals. In addition, we are a hub of gaming with years of experience under our belt. We also take players under our wings and teach them to fly.

The “Sinful Gladiator” title is a show pony—only the top .1% in 3v3 arena earn it. Moreover, why not be a part of something legendary? The title also demands 150 games completed in the Shadowlands expansion. You can also invoke fear in the enemy by acquiring the prestigious “Sinful Gladiator” title. In self-play, you will also be able to follow along with our boosters. Players can also opt for 12 hours of coaching in the 3v3 matches. Whichever way, you will be well on your way to earning the impressive WoW title.

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There are also some Titles that are just not as easy to reach. Moreover, these are “unobtainable” within the World of Warcraft. In PvE combat, players can also earn titles for completing often difficult tasks. Moreover, the more difficult the mission, the more powerful the gear. Some of these titles are also so rare that they go extinct. Legend of Pandaria, of the Black Harvest, Agent Defender, are also a few unobtainable titles in PvE.

Also, in RBGs, some of the unobtainable titles: Guardian of the Alliance/Horde, Defender of the Alliance/Horde, and Soldier of the Alliance/Horde. Titles can also be secured through world events, Reputation, Professions, dungeons, and raids. Basically, whatever adventure you pursue can earn you a title.

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