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Thanks for the excellent service

5.0 rating

Thanks for the excellent service

Rashed Almansoori

Very fast and efficient

5.0 rating

Very fast and efficient! Exactly what I wanted. The run was smooth and I have no complaints!


Dont go anyware else

5.0 rating

Dont go anyware else. This is a place!

Dominik Sobieraj

pvp boost

5.0 rating

I bought a 1800 arena boost . Took a couple days due to gaining a new team member which is understandable . Would buy another service from them in the future.


refunded me full.

5.0 rating

I was annoyed about a delay in delivery and posted a 3 star review. They refunded me full when they saw the post and gave me a good amount of gold, because they had trouble with the supplier earlier.
great service, recommend buying from them


Quality and trust

5.0 rating

Trustworthy service as well as great customer service. If a issue arises that can easily be confirmed it was on their end it is fixed immediately to your benefit. Never had any issues with them that was not resolved immediately with a solution. Highly recommended for any service desired.

Satisfied customer

Not what they say they are

2.0 rating

Just bad all around. Couldn’t give what I ordered so had to settle for something else. Bad experience. Wouldn’t purchase again. Will look elsewhere.


fast reliable service

5.0 rating

fast reliable service, would recommend!


full satisfaction!!!

5.0 rating

full satisfaction!!!, very happy with service

Jorge Ramirez

Used more than once and will use them again, no question

5.0 rating

I’ve been using Boostroom for a couple of years now, due to work I’ve not been able to play as much as I’d like so they enable me to get my character to the level I need so that when I do have those precious few hours of play I’m able to play the game I want.
Always helpful, and exceeding expectations the Team at Boostroom give 100% and have never disappointed. Top marks!

Rob Hughes

As advertised!

5.0 rating

As advertised!


Professional team with good players

5.0 rating

Professional team with good players. In the first raid I got almost no loot. To compensate, I got a second raid for free with all bosses received. The prices are unbeatable and I can only recommend this team.


Never had any problems

5.0 rating

Never had any problems, they have always performed and were reasonable on meeting my orders.

Steven L.

Fantastic service and excellent carry!

5.0 rating

Fantastic service. Within 30 mins of purchase I was doing my m+10 which we +1’d even with my 3kdps which was atrocious (MS healer so dpsing was awkward).
Seriously, I have used other services their price is better and their service is incredible.


Fast Service!

5.0 rating

Fast Service!
Awesome Customer Service!


Guys if you have doubt just jump in and…

5.0 rating

Guys if you have doubt just jump in and close your eyes, you are in good hand.

Luca Bergonzini

Order was finished 12 hours ahead of…

5.0 rating

Order was finished 12 hours ahead of time and the service was great, thanks!


very good service (Skender is a very respectable man)

5.0 rating

very good service, quick, and efficient. The customer service staff Skender is very polite and patient, and he speaks English fluently, he was so good to me even though i was annoying due to a misunderstanding, at the end he said he will not take my money if i am not happy with the service, but i was happy with his quality service, and with the way he treated my concern. I hope our next transaction next week would be better for me. Definitely going to order again next week.


Very good service

5.0 rating

Very good service! Excellent communication, allows me to play when I want and then they work around me. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about it to buy this service!

Hencus Parkinson

Amazing and I'm not kidding.

5.0 rating

What can I say.. It was fast and smooth run. There’s no doubt that I will be using boostroom again when needed.


Uldir - Normal

5.0 rating

Did the Uldir raid efficiently with BoostRoom. No complaints whatsoever.

Eirik N

Smooth fast runs

5.0 rating

Very fast, smooth and efficient run. Do know that they will put you in a group with the other carries and pretty much ignore you, so bring whatever talents/mats you need for survival. That’s fine, I get it. They also will not explain what their markers mean. I gave them 5 stars because I got what I expected, which was a quick and efficient run. I’d be over the moon with them, though if they would just give a canned 2 sentence strat before each fight.


100% satisfied

5.0 rating

100% satisfied! 98-120 Went smooth less than 2 days! with stream!

Kristoffer Aandstad

Best boosting service on the internet…

5.0 rating

Best boosting service on the internet would recommend


amazing team

5.0 rating

best boost service + amazing team. recommended!!!!!!!!

Vitalijus Silinskas

Amazing fast easy and professional!

5.0 rating

Amazing fast easy and professional!

Mohamed J Al-Kaabi

They are the best

5.0 rating

They are the best

Maverick Jenkins

Have bought several boosts from them

5.0 rating

Have bought several boosts from them. Mounts, Mt and etc. Mostly russians one shot team, beside 2 wipes on mythic argus. But everything went smooth 🙂 so I’m happy, 5/5

Rasmus B

Very fast and easy

5.0 rating

Very fast and easy. No problems or issues at all!


Quick response and awesome service

5.0 rating

Quick response and awesome service. Recommended.



5.0 rating


Dawid Wizer

i was amazed at how quick and…

5.0 rating

i was amazed at how quick and professional this purchase was and how patient represenative was


Happy with purchase.

5.0 rating

Bought 2 mage tower challenges for toons i had trouble with, despite the last day mage tower was available, it took less than an hour. I was apprehensive (first time buying something like this) but worked out great.


Quick and reliable service!

5.0 rating

Quick and reliable service!


Very well done

5.0 rating

Very well done, great communication!


fast and trustworthy

5.0 rating

fast and trustworthy! Highly recommend them

Kara Smith

The best!

5.0 rating

The best!. I have used these guys a few times for my mage towers because i dont have time between raiding during the week. Quick Professional and Curtious!

jeff mitchell

Once I got a hold of somebody in live…

5.0 rating

Once I got ahold of somebody in live chat, it took em no time at all to review order & get logged in to follow through. About an hour was all it took for them to crush that last minute Mage tower quest which was giving me beef. Sure, the wait was tense, but a little blind faith goes a long way. Once done, and confirm things were done, the biggest weight has been lifted for me.
Super jealous they could do what i struggled to do, but was super worth it!


Excellent Service!

5.0 rating

Excellent Service, honestly was worried and skeptical at first but they worked with me and helped me understand. Very friendly people and quick service with no issues. Kept up to date with what was happening and boost completed without a hitch. Very happy! 🙂

Hetti Lyle

Good Service

5.0 rating

Have used their services and was pleased with their prompt delivery and flexibility.


Was done and Handled efficiently

5.0 rating

Was done and Handled efficiently. I normally dont trust such websites, but due to desperation had to. Was done timely and efficiently, and the response time was spot on. Heres hoping i dont get banned within a week tho… didnt realize you could get banned for it, until after i paid for it.


Excellent Services!

5.0 rating

I was very skeptical about this service when I first discovered on the internet; however I was very surprised when it turned out to be 100% true. The staff are very helpful, polite, and any messages are returned almost immediately! It is evident that they care about the services being provided and for that I’ll be grateful. 10/10 would recommend them!

Dustin Martin Allen

Got banned

1.0 rating

I bought a boost for “artifact challenger” and 1 week later Blizzard banned me my account

Super Goku

Easy to communicate with

5.0 rating

Easy to communicate with. Boostroom got the request done within an hour of payment. Very professional, timely, and they delivered as promised.
Definitely recommend them.

no name

Got things done quickly and without…

5.0 rating

Got things done quickly and without issue.


Super fast boost

5.0 rating

Super fast boost, and very nice Service.


The Best!!!!

5.0 rating

Second time going with this service, and I just gotta say how awesome it is. Super satisfied with the help in getting such an awesome mount. 10 out of 10 service rating from this super happy customer:).

Kevin Miller

Love these guys

5.0 rating

Love these guys! Fast, friendly service 🙂 Third time using them, and haven’t run into a single issue.

Geovanna O'Connor

Professional and polite, would do again.

5.0 rating

I didn’t know what to expect, first time buying third-party help with WoW. Purchased Mage Tower Artifact Challenge and they completed it in three attempts. Took less than 30min once in game and I’m happy. Professional and polite, would do again.


Good service and expirience

5.0 rating

Good service, very responsive and good follow up even with the issues I had with the game itself.


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