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Product Description

General Information / Rewards

    • This service will get you a kill of Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void on Heroic difficulty (Crucible of Storms Raid).
    • You shall be granted the achievement: Ahead of the Curve: Uu’nat, Harbringer of the Void.
    • You can contact our client support for available spots or place order beforehand.
    • Once a spot is scheduled you can expect our Guild to contact you in game at reserved time to start service.
    • Entire boosting process is 100% handmade without any programs or bots.
    • Self Play – you will play together with our team.
    • Account Sharing (Pilot) – our player will enter your account (you can request VPN use of your country).

Loot Trading

    • The run will be completed via the Personal Loot system.
    • You will get all the items that will drop personally to you.
    • There is no minimum number of items guarantee for this service.


      • You need to have character with Level 120.
      • There are no gear requirements for Heroic difficulty of Crucible of Storms raid.
      • Our raider will need some gold for repairs and potion / flask.
      • Account Sharing: We will ask only for login and password. We will never ask for a secret answer or access to your email.
      • Account Sharing: We will ask you to disable authenticator or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login.


I made an order. What happens next? How will I be contacted?

Once you’ve completed a purchase, our client support agent will contact you within 5-15 minutes (within our working hours) to arrange the service start. If our managers are offline at the moment of purchase – you’ll get contacted once they are back online and they would prioritize your order in the queue.

Boost method is account sharing. Do I need to remove authenticator?

You can keep your authenticator and approve our booster once he attempt to log in. Also, you will have to set a long session login to not ask approve at each login attempt. You need to be available at the agreed time to approve our player.

Will booster change my keybinds and layout?

For most of account sharing services, the booster will have to change your key binds and spells to adjust them to play his style (performance is crucial to make boost successful). Some of the boosters are using profile add-on and they will return your key binds back, but please just to be safe do your own backup of key binds and spells before we make account sharing.

Can I use my account during account sharing order?

Yes, you can if you want. We are flexible and we can form the login schedule together with you and booster will log into your account at the agreed time to not interrupt your play time.

Can you live stream my order?

Yes, in most of cases we can live stream your order. Please keep in mind that some of the players have very bad internet providers (usually internet upload speed is minimal) which prevents them from streaming. The stream is turned only on your request, otherwise it will not be streamed.

Can I request / make a custom order?

Indeed you can. Our client support agents are trained and have experience with custom orders. We are able to make you a custom deal for any of our services as long as its not impossible request.

How do I know once my order is completed?

You will be notified via email and via one of the contact methods you left at order info (Skype, discord, whatsapp etc.)

Why Boostroom?

Uunat Heroic AOTC Carry

You can buy Uunat Heroic AOTC carry at our website.

Crucible of Storms is located under the Stormsong Valley on the alliance territory. You will have a chance to get there very soon after the first raid is available – Siege of Zuldazar. As you remember this raid is pretty complicated regarding different bosses and terms of getting in it. And that’s why it’s so incredibly interesting for us! Here, in Crucible of Storms, no 9 and even no 6 bosses to defeat, no long scripts for players. 2 bosses – the Restless Cabal Boss and Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Voidserve to Old Gods knew in Battle for Azeroth thanked the history of Kul Tiran continent and the power of Titans.

Our teams are ready if buy Uunat Heroic AOTC carry.

What we know already is not a lot actually: no information about the appearance of both bosses but an idea of the raid look itself, even if it’s a bit early and raw. But we have full information about the abilities of both bosses now.

Details for Uunat Heroic AOTC carry

Uu’nat Harbringer of the Void is the final boss here. To find him you will need to fall (or maybe there is another way yet?) right on the bottom of the raid. Be ready to see the naked bones and sticking fangs and the big eye in front of you. It would be cool to know what it’s there behind the eye now but it’s impossible. At least this moment. Anyway, it’s nice to have a chance to take a look at this raid and realize it’s fantastic!

What to do with Uu’nat boss? As usual, the final boss is the most powerful. He also uses Relics of Power with the same components but with slight differences. For example, Void stone can be demolished by a player while fighting with the first boss the player had to destroy the shell to utilize stone.

Once you buy Uunat Heroic AOTC carry we will find you raid spot right after.