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How and when will I be contacted??

  – You will be contacted few minutes after placing an order (within our client support working hours). Our agent will contact you via Live Chat, Mail, Skype, Discord or other preferred contact method.

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Buy WoW Voidtalon Mount Carry

Navigate to our website shop for mounts and buy WoW Voidtalon mount carry now. Who doesn’t love having the rarest of rare mounts? And on top of that, a good challenge getting one? I knew as soon as I heard about the elusive Voidtalon of the Dark Star.

There are several mounts you can get from rares throughout Draenor. The Voidtalon of the Dark Star is by far the rarest, hands down. This mount is also totally unique in that it is found unlike any we’ve come across in the past. Forget everything you know about the Time-Lost Proto Drake, Aeonaxx, or even that Mysterious Camel Figurine – that won’t help you here. Our team is ready to start farming if you buy WoW Voidtalon Mount carry.

How to farm

In order to obtain this beautiful mount you’ll need to find and enter an Edge of Reality portal. These portals can be found in various places throughout Dreanor, typically near level 100 areas where apexis crystals drop off of mops.  Buy WoW Voidtalon mount carry is one of our most popular services. Only one portal will ever spawn in on a particular server at a time, and the spawn time between them can be lengthy. On top of that people are still finding new spawn locations periodically, so there could still be unknown spawn points out there.

The map below will give you a rough idea of where the current confirmed spawns are located for WoW Voidtalon Mount boost. Scroll further down this post for much more detailed maps and screenshots of each portal location.

When you click on a portal you will enter a queue for a scenario called Edge of Reality. After accepting you will be teleported to a very small personal instance where you will find The Last Voidtalon lying dead in front of you. Lying right next to the body is the last Voidtalon Egg, which is a lootable object. Simply click on it, and you’ve got your amazing new mount! After you buy WoW Voidtalon mount carry, our client support will contact you to sort out details.


Full 11/11 Antorus, the Burning Throne raid bosses cleared on Heroic difficulty.
Heroic Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker after defeating Argus the Unmaker.
Achievements: Light’s Breach, Forbidden Descent, Hope’s End, Seat of the Pantheon.
PERSONAL 945+ LOOT: You will have chance for loot from each boss with your personal loot system.
Artifact power items acquired during raid service.


Leveling 110 character. No gear requirements.

Delivery Time

Spot schedule will be arranged with our client support as soon as possible.
Raid completion takes around 2 hours from the moment of start.