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Escape from Tarkov has been designed to have several mode features where players can participate, including the SCAV raids (where you are the only player with less effective weaponry) PMC raids (allows players to compete against other players to win loots). In these Tarkov raids, players can play in groups depending on their chosen map and win duels to reach a point of escape. Tarkov boost is introduced to get the best out of your skills.

You will need many boosts as you progress along with your adventures.

Loot claimed in looting can be stored in stash for personal use or to sell to other players.

Maps from Escape from Tarkov allow you to have a better understanding of the targeted raid area.

You can easily determine the infiltration and extraction points on the map, so you don’t have to wander around aimlessly in an attempt to escape without getting caught.

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Tarkov Boost – Ways & Methods

There are a couple of ways of getting maps in Escape from Tarkov.

The first way is to discover them through other careless players.

In addition, if their maps are not in a safe case, the game allows looting of such maps by a clever player.

However, if you happen to lost your map to another EFT player, you can buy them from vendors.

To earn the better in a raid, you can buy Tarkov raid boost, Tarkov loot runs from us, and let’s get you the reward.

As a newbie in EFT, learning maps can be a difficult challenge for them.

Moreover, there are many maps that you can select and the best for beginners to follow.

In addition, each map has its own set of obstacles that you need to overcome.

Which map has an easy path to achieve and which one is more difficult?

What are the maps available to players?

There are numerous maps on a Tarkov raid.

As earlier said, there are strengths and also weaknesses in each map; so, choose wisely.

We can help you decide if you decide to buy Tarkov Boost from us.

The maps available include:


  • Interchange map
  • Woods map
  • Shoreline maps
  • Customs map
  • Wiki map
  • Reserve map


One of the most discussed topics among EFT players is “what are the best maps for a newbie to start with?”

If you are new to Escape from Tarkov, then this article is for you.

As a newbie in this battle game, you should be using two maps: the interchange and the customs maps.

These maps are chosen for beginners because of their simplified structure and ease of extraction.

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Custom – Safe & Fast Service!

Beginners use customs maps to build their experience in the game and you can easily know why.

Customs map has a comfortable, and also rectangular layout; the west and east sides are full of PMCs.

If you spawn on the west side, you can find extracts on the east side.

Now you know the map is all about finding your way to the other side of the map and looting along the path.

Moreover, there are extraction points along the way that makes raiding even easier.



Interchange maps is an advancement of the customs map due to a higher frequency of PMCs, but this is still one of the accessible maps of Escape from Tarkov.

It contains a cycle that has simple spawn extraction and allows enormous loot possessions.

Similar to customs, spawns and extracts are also on opposite ends of the maps.

To also ease your journey, buy your tarkov loot from us at a cheap price and earn all the rewards.

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