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LoL Placement Matches Boost


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LoL Placement Matches Boost


Why Is Completing Placement Matches Properly Essential?

We’ll elaborate and give you a good reason why it is crucial to complete placement matches properly. The start of each season requires you to play these games. Based on your performance in those games, you will be put into one of the tiers and divisions. Usually, the tier that you end up in closely resembles the tier you were in in the past season. Losing LoL Placement Matches can be rather demoralizing. Playing the best games of your life in the past season only to end up back in Silver in the next one? This is exactly why completing 10 Games with the highest win-loss ratio possible is imperative. If you don’t feel like grinding your way back up to where you once were, LoL Placement Matches Boost is precisely what you were looking for.


What dictates the price of LoL Placement Matches Boost Service?

Price varies based on two factors. First off, your division in the last season. Games that our players would need to play would greatly differ based on the enemies that they’d need to face. The difficulty of the games would vary, henceforth the increased price. To summarize, the price for 10 LoL Placement Matches Boost would not be the same for someone who was a Silver in the past season, and for someone who was a high diamond. In addition, in case you decided to play a couple of placement matches on your own before you made the decision to contact us, there’s still hope. Regardless of how many games you’ve played up until now, we can still complete the remainder of the games. All you need to do is get our LoL Placement Matches Boost, and we’ll do the rest.


Tier (Division) & Win Rate in LoL Placement Matches Boost Service

The tier & division that you end up in depends on how many games you end up winning. There are 10 games in total when it comes to placement matches. What our LoL Placement Matches Boost does is allows you to have a highly skilled challenger player play those games for you.

However, LoL being the game it is, we can never guarantee a 100% win-rate. Although, the win rate that we usually do get for the majority of the customers is close to 100%. Stop struggling, and avoid getting into the divisions you’ve already conquered.  If you’re looking to get a head-start at the beginning of the new season, you’ll find great benefit in our LoL Placement Matches Boost service.


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