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EU / Highmountain Tauren Allied Race / 20 – 120 Level

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Graysky informs you that the wards Ebonhorn placed around Highmountain are being threatened by the old gods. You must enter the echoes of Ebonhorn’s past.  Accept the quest offered. Fastest way to maximize your level is to buy Highmountain Tauren allied race level boost.

Follow Graysky and turn the quest into him and accept the next. Click the pot to imbibe the water of vision to journey into memories of the past.

You will take on the form of Igrul The Scalebane. Just like previous quests all around the isles you will control him and have new skills….but only 2 to keep track of. Follow your quest markers on the map and enter the cave….where you will smoosh, maim and eradicate old god critters and monsters. After you have killed enough you will find a location on the upper level with the ghost image of a ward…Kill any protectors and click the ward. It will activate and you will return to your own body.

Finding yourself back with Graysky turn in the quest, and accept the new one. Meet Graysky at the Sepulcher In The Sky.

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Once at the sepulcher, again turn in the quest to Graysky, and accept the new one. Click the water Of Vision yet again and walk in the memories of Oenia Skyhorn.


As Oenia you again have 2 abilities and you will use them to banish the dark spirits assaulting tribe members. Once you have done this enter the cave of Candle Rock. Destroy shadowy tendrils, you will find the ward just like last time. Destroy it’s protectors listen to Uul’gyneth talk smack, click the ward and become yourself again back with Graysky.

Turn in the quest, accept the new one and meet Graysky at Snowblind Mesa. Hope you packed your long underwear, it’s cold up there.

Rinse and repeat the whole old quest new quest thing at Snowblind Mesa…this time Graysky is holding the pot…but you still click it to become Huln Highmountain himself. With this particular honor comes an extra skill….whatever will you do with 3 skills….wowee.

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