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Buy WoW Raid Gear at BoostRoom!


Here’s a service that’s for sure going to pique your interest. If you’re wondering why, bear with us while we explain in great detail what it is that is so special about this service, and why you should get one for yourself. To start things off, our ‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’ service has a couple of so-to-say different variations.

In the upcoming section, we’ll elaborate on what it is that characterizes all of the variations, and when you should use such a service.

After we shed some light on the characteristics and whatnot, we’ll give you a couple of reasons as to why you should Buy WoW New Raid Gear on our website and not elsewhere.

In addition to Castle Nathria Gear Boost, we’ve got plenty of other services that you might be interested in.

In order to check those out, you can click here if you’re an EU player, or here if you’re a US player.


‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’ Service Variations & Additional Options

In the upcoming section, we’ll give you an explanation of which options you can choose from, and which one you’d benefit from more and when.

The vast majority of sites will give you a distorted vision of what you do or don’t need and will mislead you in order to make an extra buck.

That is not the case here.

We’ll clarify and be transparent on everything that we offer.

Castle Nathria Gear Carry is no exception.

Make sure to carefully read all the information that we’ll provide in the next couple of paragraphs.


Full Gearing Castle Nathria Gear Variation

One of the best things that we can proudly say we offer is giving our customers an opportunity to get each and every single character item slot filled in without an issue.

Now, there are 4 different options that you can choose from when it comes to the Full Gearing variation of the ‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’ Service.

The Full Gear, and Full (Best in Slot) Gear.

Both of these have their unique advantages as well as disadvantages that we’d like you to know more about.


Full Gearing Suboption – Castle Nathria Gear Boost

Full Gearing option (Not Best in Slot), is an option that’ll give you exactly what it says.

A WoW Raid Gear from Castle Nathria in every single slot.

However, there’s a catch that you need to know of.

The Castle Nathria gear that’ll fill in your slots will not necessarily be a best in slot item for your character.

Our team would give you all the items that they possibly can, that are wearable by your character in order to get you geared up.

The plus side of this service is a really low price as opposed to the best in slot suboption which has a higher price.

Additionally, the delivery time of this type of service would last less.

The reason behind this is fairly simple.

There is no need to wait and snipe down the Best in Slot items.

It can take weeks before the desired item drops, this is why this service takes less to complete.


Full Gearing (Best in Slot) Suboption – Castle Nathria Gear Carry

As opposed to the regular Full Gearing ‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’, the Best in Slot variant gives you a chance to get the best possible items for your class & spec.

There are two ways to go about this kind of service.

You can either put together a list of items that you feel like are the best; or we can put together a list ourselves and go with that list.

The list that we’d put together would be made by a professional player specialized in the class of your choosing.

That will ensure that there is no mistake when it comes to the gear that you get being the best one.

Naturally, the price is a bit higher than the regular Full Gearing suboption.

However, getting this kind of service would without a doubt skyrocket your character’s capabilities all the way to being able to conquer even the end-game content with ease.

All the best WoW Raid Gear Shadowlands has to offer is within your reach.

All you got need to do is get our CN Gear Boost!


CN Gear Carry – Specific Item Farm & WoW Raid Gear iLvl

A specific item farm is an option that allows one to choose a certain item out of the vast diapason of items that CN offers, and get it with a couple of clicks of a mouse.

This kind of service would allow you to, regardless of whether it’s a heroic or normal item, obtain the desired item in one of our runs.

The team would ensure that you get a huge number of traders to increase the chances of getting the item that you’ve come for.

If you decide to buy an item using this type of service, you have to know that we 100% guarantee that you will get it.

If you’re wondering how come that we’re doing a 100% guarantee, please make sure to read our frequently asked questions section.

An explanation of how this service works is right there.

Moreover, if you have any further questions even after reading the most common ones related to this service, please reach out to us instantly on our live chat, we’ll help you clarify any uncertainty you possess.


Additional Options / Information about CN Gear

All of the aforementioned options are perfectly viable for both normal and heroic difficulties.

There is not a single item in the game that our team of professional players could not get.

Additionally, if you have any further questions about any of this, feel free to contact us on our live chat.

Our customer support agents are available 24/7 and are at your disposal. We’ll provide an answer to any one of your questions.

Hit us up today, and get the WoW Raid Gear you so rightfully deserve today!


‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’ Service Price

For the number of items that you’ll be getting, the price that we offer is, to say the least, insignificant.

But you might be wondering why the price is as low as it is.

The main reason behind that is simple.

We’ve walked in your shoes, and we know how tedious and tiresome it can get.

Having to gather a group of people capable of downing the bosses that you need, and on top of that being lucky enough to get the item that you actually wish to get is really difficult.

In order to assist our customers and save them from having to pug to get the loot they deserve, we’ve made this service.

And we’ve made it so that it’s affordable to everyone, even those on a budget.

On top of it being cheap as it is, our ‘buy WoW Raid Gear’ service undergoes a sale every now and then.

And that’s not it.

We also offer discount codes applicable to the checkout.

If you tally everything we’ve said so far, you’ll come to the conclusion that what we’re selling here is extremely cheap.

The price like the one we’re offering is nowhere else to be found but here.

Buy WoW Raid Gear at BoostRoom, and save yourself a couple of extra bucks that you’d otherwise spend on shady & iffy websites that would overcharge you.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

We’re aware that the service bears many options that can get fairly confusing if you’re not fully in focus.

Over the past years, we’ve received numerous questions regarding exactly this service.

In order to enclose the ‘buy WoW Raid Gear’ service to our customers, we’ve made a special frequently asked questions section down below in which we answer your most commonly asked questions.

Please make sure to read every single one of them if you’re looking to get our CN Gear Carry service.


Can I play my own character instead of giving out my account information?

Of course, the service type that you’re inquiring about is called the self-play method.

This way of doing the ‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’ will vouch for a great first-hand experience.

Not only that, but you’ll also witness the best players in the game killing the bosses as efficiently as possible.

You ought to learn a thing or two.

You’ll get the hang of the mechanics. You’ll also be able to comprehend what needs to be done much easier than by reading random online guides.


When would the raid begin?

The raid start would be agreed upon before or after you place your order.

We usually have several raids throughout the day every single day of the week.

That allows you to pick between the times that suit your schedule the best.

In case you have a certain time that’d suit you the best, let us know.

We’ll do our best to adapt to your schedule & your needs.


Can I get Wow Raid Gear Sets by using this service too?

As we all know, WoW Raid Gear Sets have made a huge comeback.

And it’s only natural that we offer the services that allow you to obtain the raid sets.

This service would allow you to get all the WoW Raid Gear Sets.

If you’re looking to get the set, contact us on the live chat, we’ll explain in detail which option you should go for based on your current progress and your end-goal.


How long does it take?

Depending on which option you choose, again, the delivery time would change.

Full Gearing vs Full Gearing (Best in Slot) vs Specific Item Farm.

All three of the aforementioned options bear different delivery times.

Over the course of the past 10 years or so, we’ve come to a conclusion on which one is the fastest one, and which one is the longest one.

It goes something like this. Specific Item Farm (1) > Full Gearing > Full Gearing (Best in Slot).

The reason is simple. A specific item farm requires just 1 item for the order to be fully complete.

Full Gearing would require all the slots, however, there’s no requirement as to which item exactly the customer would get.

And then there’s Full Best in Slot way of doing it, which would be the longest one.

The reason is pretty obvious.

We’d need to get you the best possible gear on either normal or heroic difficulty, which may require several weeks to complete.


What if I don’t get an item in the raid?

In case you do not receive all the items, or a specific item of your choosing in one go, don’t fret.

We’d reinvite you the upcoming week in order to fill in the remainder of the slots; or get you the item that you’ve paid for.

If you still don’t get the item(s) you need, we’d invite you again.

We’d keep doing it all the way up until you get everything that you purchased.


How to get raid gear WoW?

A perfect question to conclude everything we’ve said so far.

How to get raid gear is the most common question asked by the majority of players, not just our customers.

The best way of getting the gear would be by using our ‘Buy WoW Raid Gear’ Service.

Any WoW Raid Gear ilvl, and moreover, any item you need, can be yours with a couple of clicks of a mouse today.

All you need to do is give us your trust, and we’ll do the rest.


BoostRoom – 24/7 Availability, Safety, Transparency & More!

Finally, allow us to say a few things to help you make up your mind if you’re still not fully convinced that you should buy WoW Raid Gear from us.

First off, we’re online 24/7.

Every single day of the year.

Customer support agents that are here for you every minute of the day will assist you with any question.

Not 100% sure that you understood everything correctly?

Contact us right now, we’ll clarify anything you might find baffling.

On top of being available all the time, we have a huge urge to tell you that the safety of the services we provide is second to none.

We use up-to-date methods capable of perfectly covering up any carry/boost we conduct.

Additionally, we’re using VPN (on your demand). Offline Mode, keeping track of your order and other safety precautions are here to make it for one hell of a safe carrying experience.

Finally, we’d strongly suggest you buy WoW Raid Gear from us.


Because not only will you get the highest quality service, but you’ll also get it for the cheapest price around.

Do yourself some good once in a while and get our CN Gear Boost today!

In addition, if you’re looking to learn more about the gear itself, click here.


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