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More Information: The service will start as soon as possible after you make the purchase. Our player will log on to your character and search for an active LFG group to join and clean raid for you. If some of the content is not available yet (not released by Blizzard) you can make a pre-order and the service will start as soon as the content is published and live on servers. For any additional info please contact us via our website Live Chat, thanks in advance.


Buy WoW Classic Items


If we had to list all the items that exist in World of Warcraft Classic, that would be a never-ending adventure. There are so many items to choose from in World of Warcraft Classic. Boost Room offers a wide range of items like weapons, trinkets, or even gear for combat. Buying our WoW Classic Items boost is a simple process that requires players to choose their location, boost method (includes account log-in), the desired Items, optional details about characters and checkout!

So simple, right?

We want to make things easy and safe for you.

Our WoW Classic Items Boost is a Plan-B for players who need an extra push to score big in the game.

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‘Buy WoW Classic Items’ Service General Overview & Info

So, what even counts as an item any way?

Well, an item is basically anything the character carries or can have in inventory.

One can find items everywhere and anywhere throughout the game.

It is mind-boggling to think about just how many items the game carries.

Some items are incredibly rare, and our Items boost has a way of getting players to access to these items and more in WoW Classic.

In Azeroth, there are lots of rare items.

Some items can take thousands of hours to farm.

Can you even wrap your head around that?

No one should spend that much time seeking out items.

Our WoW Classic Items Boost earns you the rarest of Items.

You can purchase items from vendors in the game, earn them from quests, loot from killed objects.

For the most part, items can be sold and traded throughout the game.

Mounts are highly sought after and basically help characters to get around.

Some classes can also summon these mounts.

Special kinds of items are Containers-which contain other items.

So, something like a locker, box, chest, or bag would count as a container item.

Buy WoW Classic Items service will get you any one of the abovementioned items in a matter of minutes!


Different Kinds / Colors & Item Rarity

Items are split into categories based on their purpose.

A quality rating is given at all times in WoW Classic.

Another way to assess an item’s value is to look at the size of the bonus it offers, compared to other items.

Blue and green typically indicate a high bonus, while grey reflects poor quality items.

One can obtain them through mob killing and looting.

So, whatever isn’t sold by vendors and rarely made by professions are said to be of little value.

Common quality items are white.

These items can be used for Profession, quest items, or can be awarded through low-level quests.

Weapons and armors tend to have stat bonuses.

We move towards Uncommon items which are green.

They’re usually rewards from mid-quest adventures.

Jewel crafters can make Uncommon items.

Blue represents Rare quality items.

These items are superior in quality.

These are a bit harder to find as they come from world drops, from bosses, or crafted by high-level Professions.

Epic Quality items have very high quality, you can get them by buying WoW Classic Items from us.

They are Purple.

The list goes all the way to Heirloom Quality (Aqua Cyan).

It isn’t possible to trade these or mail to other characters.

What item are you trying to get your hands on?

Is it a weapon?



Whatever it is, our WoW Classic Items boost is suitable for you.

Gameplay optimization and helping players to have an even better time playing their favorite games is what we do.

We love World of Warcraft as much as you do.

In addition, we also guarantee high-quality service that’ll help you progress in the game.

We have the answers you have been searching for all along.

Stop wandering around and start conquering.


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It can be frustrating because the game requires so much energy and strategy.

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