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Everyone familiar with Escape from Tarkov knows that there is much more excitement to play around wastelands as PMC than SCAV. The major reason why players pull back from playing PMC is that it requires funding to enjoy it. You need to buy ammunition, equipment, consumables and other things to ease your adventures. How can you get enough Roubles for that? Don’t worry; you can buy Tarkov roubles from our websites at cheap prices.

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It’s a game and it ought to be fun and enjoyable for players, but the SCAV doesn’t allow you to compete with other players.

In addition, you have a weaker weapon and poor equipment in general.

You have to move through the dark corners and cover behind walls during a raid, hoping there are a couple of items to be claimed.

The only real income source ( in small quantities though) are the fallen SCAVs, military crates, and random junks along your path.

You can’t stand a chance against equipped opponents in an open fight, which doesn’t bring any excitement, but can’t get you angry in the long run when you can’t make headway.

Escape from Tarkov development promotes enjoyment and not frustration steer up.

Don’t waste your time searching for hard-to-get equipment like you always do.

It’s about time you buy Tarkov rubles from us and let the fun begins.


Additional PMC/SCAV Info / Buy Tarkov Roubles

On the other hand, PMC version, you can enjoy all the excitement that comes with the development of the Battle state gaming software.

Enjoying a feature that allows you to aim at other players gives you joy from within a couple because players have equal chances.

The winner is a result of how best you can use various characters included in the game.

You can buy at the flea market but doesn’t guarantee a win, but it helps you start with an advantage.

When you are equipped with a kevlar vest and decent weaponry in your hands, you will be able to win duels against geared opponents, kill many SCAV members, and progress at a faster rate.

Guess what!

That’s where the fun comes in.

You must have invested your money in purchasing money; why don’t you spend some extra cash on equipping powerful characters?

There is no fun in being broke, not even in the game!

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