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Baal’s Secret / Waist of Time Transmog


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Buy Baal Secret Waist of Time Belt Boost


Buy baal secret waist of time belt boost and start now! The World of Warcraft is a big game packed with Easter eggs. Also with secrets for its legion of players to fuss over. With the recent release of expansion Battle for Azeroth, players are hitting a dead end when secret hunting once again. Visit us and buy your own Waist of Time Belt!

The latest discovery is of a legendary belt called Waist of Time. Its name evidence developer Blizzard is having a bit of fun with its community right now.

Users on the WOW Secret Finding Discord followed up on the recent discovery of a super cute demonic pet goat called Baa’l (which involved finding loads of hard to spot pebbles) and found clues – a lot of clues – that eventually led to another secret item called Waist of Time.

As explained on, to get the Waist of Time you need to have Baa’l captured as a battle pet. With it, you can interact with some 20 objects dotted throughout the game, each with an ominous quote.

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These 20 objects are very small and placed in innocuous parts of the world, but of course World of Warcraft secret hunters found all of them.


Buy Baal Secret Waist of Time Belt Boost – General Information

Odd cup, one of the 20 clue items players found in World of Warcraft. 

Once you’ve interacted with these 20 objects, you can interact with a note penned by a skeleton called Grimmy. He is in the Arathi Highlands. Grimmy’s note sends you after a tailor to obtain some gear pieces.

Equip all four pieces and you can read another note, which is a poem that acts as a set of clues for what to do next. It turns out you have to find more equipment pieces, equip the lot, then, players worked out, taunt Grimmy’s enemies by slapping, waving, cheering and dancing with various NPCs in the game.

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