Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

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Season of the Worthy marks the return of Trials of Osiris. In this season, the Guardians are working with Commander Zavala, Anastasia Bray, and Rasputin. Prevent the Cabal from crashing The Almighty into The Last City. Season of Worthy is a Cabal-focused expansion in the Destiny series. The Red Legion is back as the main enemy faction.

Last City has come under attack. The Sundial is free from the reins of the Red Legion. One of the escaped Psion Flayer has the ultimate plan for vengeance on the Last City. Guardians now is the time to put aside your differences to save the Last City from total destruction.

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In each new season players can anticipate changes. In Season of the Worthy there’s a new difficulty in Nightfall: The Ordeal. Play against the rest of the crowd at the Grandmaster difficulty level. Change the elemental affinity for Armor in the new season. Every sword in the Season of the Worth expansion has an energy meter. This gauges the weapon’s ammo and player ability. Swords must award protection and damage ability. The stronger your energy meter, the greater your likely attack on the enemy.

Season of the Worthy expansion also features the Seraph Tower public event. This event is located in EDZ on the Moon in particular. Players can explore the Trials of Osiris activity in this expansion. Defeat the enemy for good with high level combat throughout the game. Players find it challenging to source weapons and level up. If you’re trying to secure a weapon with a specific drop, this is even trickier.

General Overview & Additional Information

This season brings new changes in Destiny 2 classes. Warlock’s melee gets more range to cool down. Titan B. has 20% more health and strips damage from energy weapons. In Season of the Worthy, even the dominant subclasses are tweaked to buffer their power Level.  The stronger subclasses includes:


  • Storm caller
  • Strider
  • Arcstrider

Weaker subclasses include:

  • Voidwalker
  • Nightstalker
  • Striker

Destroy the enemy with minimum effort with powerful rifles, swords, and more. The Last Word has a major tweak in Season of the Worthy. The hand cannon is a rare item in the game and deals a considerable amount of damage. With its quick fire and a balanced barrel feature, it is a player’s safety net. This weapon fires long rounds which poses the ultimate threat toward the enemy. Brandish this weapon with its firm grip and high handling speed. The stakes are higher in Season of Worth, so players have much to look forward to.

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Season of the Worthy

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