Destiny 2: Season of the Undying

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Season of the Undying welcomes a brand-new season in the Destiny franchise. This marks the eighth season in Destiny 2. As Guardians jump into the Black Garden, portals open up. Vex war machines get the perfect shot to strike back to defend their honor.  Season of the Undying is a tug-of-war between Guardians and the Vex. The question most appropriate here is: who will fold first? It is up to you to end the Vex invasion and release their stronghold on the world.

The Vex Offensive is the core part of Season of the Undying. This match made arena features up to 6 players at a time. These players team up to destroy the Vex. In this event players must clear out two enemies to get to the boss. In each area, you must be quick on your feet. Dismantle the Vex and Silence the Oracle are two timed activities. Things get tricky when trying to destroy the Oracles. Oracles are immune to damage for the most part. Using Void Cranium laser beams are the only way to destroy them. Players look forward to Cranium drops from Shiny Gate Technicians Minotaurs. Season of the Undying is one click away!

Cranium, Oracles, Hobgoblins…what else? Lore & Useful Information!

In addition, you too can pick up the Cranium to take down the Oracles. Once both areas are complete, you’ll move to the final boss area.  Summon the boss by standing on a plate and also planting a beacon. Moreover, your destiny awaits. In addition, this is the moment you’ve long waited for. Crotheon, Gate Keeper is also the boss featured in this event. Once he is summoned, he will appear on a metal plate. The boss also has a shield that protects him from outside damage. Moreover, everything protects him except the Void Cranium. Crotheon’s shield spawns enemies like: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Harpies, and also Cyclops. Rewards also await players upon completing the two objectives. Finally, three reward chests spawn within the season of the undying, once the boss has been defeated. In these chests, you’ll find:

  • Glimmer
  • Vex Mind Components / Season of the Undying
  • Legendary weapons
  • Legendary armor

Unlock hidden grounds and also more rewards with the Season of the Undying boosting service. We also offer relief for all areas within the expansion. Moreover, whether you want to complete the necessary objectives or destroy the enemy.  The season brings brand new features that elevate the game. Discover the world ahead with new adventures and go to the edge of the universe. Hold your head above water with daring missions that test your skill within the game. We ensure that your needs are taken care of in all that we do.

Endless Destiny 2 Season of the Undying Content

Buy the Season of the Undying boost to replenish your player character. Get in control of your destiny with the ideal way to game. Put your skill to the test and let us handle the rest. In this expansion, you can find seasonal content like:

  • Weapons – Armor
  • Armor – Ghost shells
  • Ships – Sparrows
  • Sparrows – Finishers
  • Emotes – Emblems
  • Emblems – Shaders

Some of the weapons found in Season of the Undying include:

  • Eriana’s Vow – Monte Carlo
  • Leviathan’s Breath – Subjunctive
  • Temporal Clause – Pluperfect
  • Edgewise – Randy’s Throwing Knife
  • Exit Strategy – Adhortative

In Season of the Undying, players can find Armors like:

  • Substitutional Alloy Set
  • Iron Will Set

The Ghost Shells include:

  • Friendly Fire Shell – Harper’s Shell
  • Lander Shell        – Lion Guardant Shell
  • Lunar Shell – Ophiuchus Shell
  • Propheteer Shell – Scarlet Swarm Shell
  • Honorable Duelist Shell – Lion Guardant Shell / Season of the Undying

The Ships included in this expansion are:

  • Arbitrage LXI – Cuttlebone
  • Spear of the Fore – The Machinoform
  • Nephilim Toaster – The Third Tide / Season of the Undying
  • Refashioned Shapes – Flying Foundry
  • Quality Cut – Never Live It Down

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Season of the Undying

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