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At every turn, there is always something exciting happening in Destiny 2. Events are one in many and can be either permanent or temporary. On a regular basis, players can engage. Regular events are the daily Crucible events in Destiny 2. Players get a random daily event where they can earn high value rewards. In Year 1 of the Daily Crucible event, players can earn Passage coins, materials, or Legendary gear. In Year 2, you can earn as many as fifteen Legendary masks.

Events are generated at random each week. Play the Weekly Crucible Playlist to earn rewards for the first three matches. Each day players get the opportunity to engage in a random Story Mission. This version includes a Heroic element that offers more rewards than the topical story Mission. In Destiny 2, events can be either on a weekly or daily basis. In the regular events, players can also earn dozens of coins and exclusive gear.

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Besides the regular events, there are special Destiny 2 events. Special events are a once in a blue moon kind of thing. Crimson Day is also Destiny 2’s nod to Valentine’s Day celebrations. In this week-long event, players engage in 2v2 Crimson Crucible mode for rewards. The Festival of the Lost marks the Halloween celebration in Destiny 2. Moreover, you too can celebrate all week long with masks and stock up on all the candy you can eat. Buy our D2 Events Boosting services today!

Iron Banner is the also monthly event that follows the Control archetype. In Queen’s Wrath, Petra Venj appears weekly in the Tower. Moreover, each day players can hunt a bounty to earn exclusive Chest rewards. Sparrow Racing League is a 3-week event led by Amanda Holliday. Face off in your Sparrow against other players to earn exclusive rewards. Trials of Osiris is a limited edition event which is available within a specific time range. Solstice of Heroes is a type of event that celebrates the Guardian’s victory in the Red War.

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