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Destiny 2 continues to keep players engaged with countless ways to customize your weapons. It can be head spinning to think about the dozens of rolls in the game. Rolls are basically the perks available for unique weapons. God rolls are a more awesome version of just that. Could a weapon get any better than this? Most likely not. We’re here to make sure you know which ones to look out for. Not every roll is worth the effort it takes to earn it. We want to keep you on the straight and narrow to avoid wild goose chases. Why waste time roaming around and hitting dead ends?  Save yourself the effort of pursuing pointless rolls that don’t do much to get you anywhere. We know what rolls are most ideal for D2 players who want to do more than just play the game.

What looks like a god roll to one person, may be a random one for another. In any sense, there are just some rolls that cannot be denied. Moreover, you can get familiar with some of the most elite rolls throughout the game. We have the means to get you up close and personal with the most sought after rolls in the game. Finally, buy God Rolls from us!


General Overview & Most Popular Destiny 2 God Rolls List (Additional Information)

Some God Rolls:

  • Avalanche God Rolls: This weapon has a grip that rivals many others. Its design also triggers increased damages. Moreover, with acute speed, impact, reload speed, and stability, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with. Not many machine guns roll Vorpal, but Avalanche does. You can also inflict more damage on bosses, and Guardians with this lethal force. How many weapons can create this kind of havoc?
  • Swashbuckler: More melee kills means more damage with this lethal weapon. Breeze through your enemies with a weapon like no other. You get more successful kills with its damage buff feature.
  • Gnawing Hunger: This Legendary Auto Rifle is fairly easy to obtain. You can get it in world drops. Earn this reward once you’ve completed Weekly Powerful or Pinnacle activities by Banshee-44 and decrypt the Umbral Engram. It can be time consuming to do this, so we recommend doing what works best for you. Buy God Rolls Destiny 2 from us today!
  • Falling Guillotine: They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but this sword is pretty mighty. This weapon is super effective and launches a quick attack on the enemy. Unlock Falling Guillotine by reaching Rank 30 in Season pass. You’ll get a trial version with a static roll. To advance to a random roll, progress to Rank 45. You must decrypt the Arrival-Focused Umbral Engram to farm for this weapon.
  • Truthteller: Truth be told, this weapon can be somewhat difficult to obtain. You can find it in world drops with any Legendary Engram. You can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of weapons that could possibly drop, right? Luckily there are less farfetched ways to get this. Spend your materials at Banshee-44 to be awarded Legendary weapons.


More Exceptional God Rolls

Throughout the Destiny 2 universe, other God Rolls include:

BreachlightCold Denial
IKELOS SniperWhispering Slab
Dire PromiseDeath Adder
Night WatchNature of the Beast

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