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Objects in mirror are more horrific than they appear. Horrific Visions are a group of challenges in Patch 8.3 Visions of N-Zoth. World of Warcraft is packed with adventure and clearly doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. So why should you?  Round up your best players because things are about to get rocky.

Players can step into a whole new world where N’Zoth reigns and conquers Azeroth. These events can be completed in groups, but it is more ideal to play solo and reap rewards. These events involve serious combat with bosses, faction leaders, and many others.

One of the most coveted items players can earn is the Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve cloak. This cloak is super versatile and can make players stay in the Horrific vision even longer with each upgrade. Finally, through upgrading the cloak, players will be able to clear the vision completely.

Stormwind & Orgrimmar HV Runs & General Overview!

Stormwind and Orgrimmar are the two cities players alternate between each week. In Horrific Visions, players get the luxury of upgrading  items, earning valuable currency, and secure hundreds of high-level items for their character. In Horrific Visions, failing is a huge cost to players. The stakes are at an all-time high and securing the 5 masks is no joke.

What’s so awesome about HV anyway? Well, you can upgrade your armors to boost stats, earn Corrupted Mementos and use them to purchase research upgrades. How do you enter a Horrific Vision anyway? Players can buy a Vessel of Horrific Visions to transport to a HV. In the Vision, players can interact with the Tenebrous Gateway near MOTHER and Kalecgos.

Horrific Visions features 5 Faceless Masks which challenges players even more. The 5 Faceless Masks are:

  • Faceless Mask of the Long Night: reduces maximum sanity to 65%
  • Mask of the Daredevil: increases sanity damage from creatures by 150%
  • Faceless Mask of the Pained: Wearer becomes prone to simultaneous madness
  • Mask of the Burned Bridge: spawn void zones drain sanity
  • Faceless Mask of Dark Imagination: Summon enemies from the Void below 30% Sanity

In Horrific Visions, it’s all about speed and sanity. Players should kill as many enemies as possible before their sanity drains out. In Horrific Vision, there are three zone types which influence the rate of sanity changes:

  • Tainted (Tier 1)– Players start out at this zone. Sanity drains its lowest here at a rate of 6 Sanity per second
  • Corrupted (Tier 2)- There are two Corrupted zones in each Vision. Sanity drains at a rate of 8 Sanity per second.
  • Lost (Tier 3)- The Lost Zones are most difficult with players draining as much as 10 Sanity per second

WoW Horrific Vision Rewards & More!

So…… what about the rewards? Great question! In Horrific Visions, players can take advantage of valuable rewards like Mail Muncher. Mail Munchers are pretty rare and can only be spawned in Horrific Visions. Players spend extra time during runs interacting with mail boxes to find this reward. Even if you find a Mail Muncher, it is next to impossible to defeat.

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Buying a Horrific Visions Boosts also allows players to sit back, relax, and progress in the game. Trying to complete the visions also takes a lot of daily effort and comes with its own struggles. In addition, with our Horrific Visions boosts, players are guaranteed Chest rewards. Moreover, the beauty about Boost Room is that we provide security and quality for our gamers. Finally, rewrite your WoW history and buy our boosts today & buy wow horrific vision!

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