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Rise of Azshara Carry

The big number of new services released for Rise of Azshara Carry and they are awesome.

However, the most favorite is the new raid Azshara’s Eternal Palace because of the new gear.

For instance, Mythic+ is also attractive because it offers higher gear with new rewards.

As a result essence system is introduced because the old system wasn’t efficient.

List of Services

Here you can check all the new services and decide which one you want to buy.

Raid Services (AEP Normal Raid, Eternal Palace Heroic Raid, and also EP Mythic Raid).
Dungeon services (Operation: Mechagon Megadungeon).
Farming Services (War Campaign 8.2 part and also Pathfinder Part 2).

Reputation Services (Rustbolt Resistance Exalted reputation, The Unshackled Exalted reputation, and Waveblade Ankoan Exalted Reputation).

Heritage Armor (Gnome Heritage Armor and also Tauren Heritage Armor).
Neck Farming (Heart of Azeroth Level Boost and also Heart of Azeroth Essences (Rank 1-4 boost)).

Aerial Unit R-21/X Mount,  Captured Swampstalker Mount and Child of Torcali Mount.

Crimson Tidestallion Mount, Deepcoral Snapdragon Mount and Dusky Waycrest Gryphon Mount.

Nazjatar Rares (Fabious Mount, Inkscale Deepseeker Mount and  Junkheap Drifter Mount).

Mechagon Mounts (Mechacycle Model W., Mechagon Blueprints and Mechagon Peacekeeper Mount).

Other Mounts:

  • Mechanocat Laster Pointer Mount and Prismatic Manapearl Farm.
  • Proudmoore Sea Scout Mount and Reins of the Onyx War Hyena (once pvp season 3 is out).
  • Royal Snapdragon Mount and Rustbolt Resistor Mount.
  • Rusty Mechanocrawler and Scrapforged Mechaspider Mount.
  • Silent Glider Mount and Snapback Scuttler Mount.
  • Snapdragon Kelpstalker and Spectral Pterrorwing Mount.
  • Stormsong Coastwatcher and Voldunai Dunescraper.
  • Xiwyllag ATV Mount and Vicious War Basilisk Mount.

8.2. Rise of Azshara

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