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WoW Azerite Essence Boost (general information)
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Heart of Azeroth Essence?
– Essences are a new customization system added to Heart of Azeroth neck item. You can get minor or major powers depending on which Essence you place into Heart of Azeroth item.

How to unlock Azerite Essence access?
– You need to complete several quests to unlock Azerite Essence system.
– Quests are placed at Nazjatar zone. so there is a total of 9 quests and Magni is giving the first introduction quest.

Are there any requirements for Azerite Essences?
– Blizzard made Azerite Essence System available to anyone with level 120 character.
– Because of that a level 120 character is the only requirement for Azerite Essences.

How many Ranks Azerite Essences has?
– There are total of 4 Ranks for each Essence:
1. Uncommon (Rank 1)
2. Rare (Rank 2)
3. Epic (Rank 3)
4. Legendary (Rank 4).

What does Rank 1 Azerite Essence give?
– You will get the unique ability for your character (based on your role).

What does Rank 2 Azerite Essence give?
– Rank 2 Azerite Essence gives enhancement to either minor or major power of the Essence.
WoW Azerite Essence boost (ordering process)
You can make an order beforehand by adding it to cart and finishing payment at our website.

The other option is to contact client support so you can get more details about boosting service for wow before making purchase.

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