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Mounts are highly sought-after modes of transportation in the World of Warcraft. Mounts used to be pretty pricey but have become more accessible in recent times. Zul’Gurub, Strathlome Tempest Keep, Magister’s Terrace, Sethekk Halls, Karazan, and Utgarde Pinnacle are bosses who drop mounts at no charge. Quests and achievements are common ways to earn mounts within the game. Mounts come in different forms: aquatic, ground, vanity, amphibious, and flying. Mounts are categorized as rare or epic which means they are highly valuable compared to others.

Ground mounts are limited to land, whereas flying mounts can run or fly on ground areas. Flying and ground mounts have swimming abilities. Aquatic mounts have the capacity to walk on land, though not as fast.  Vanity mounts are just for show and have no concrete skills. Riding skills can be grouped into one of five categories within the game: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master.

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Apprentice riders have attained at minimum Level 20, Journeyman: Level 40, Expert level 60, Artisan: Level 70, and Master level 80. Some classes have special advantages like warlocks and Paladins. These classes gain special skills from the Summon Charger and Dreadsteed mounts. Death knights gain the epic ground mount, the Acherus Deathcharger.

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Get ready for the mysterious Voracious Gorger mount in the coming Shadowlands expansion. Conquer the Glory of the Shadowlands and earn the Voracious Gorger as a reward. With the Voracious Gorger mount boost, we boost game play in either self-play or pilot mode. Our highly skilled booster will clear Glory of the Shadowlands in record timing. In Glory of the Shadowlands, there are endless dungeons to complete. This is overwhelming for most players to even think about. Victory is no easy feat—we know more than anyone else. Allow us to guide you through the mystical Shadowlands and ascent to glory.

Glory of the Nathria is its own meta-achievement and it rewards the Nathria Rampart Screecher. Castle Nathria is the genesis of Shadowlands—the very first raid encountered. The archaic castle that looks over the Reverendth is the core of this raids. In Castle Nathria, players must encounter 10 bosses.

Boss Overview & General Information

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Shriekwing is a blind monster at the entrance of Castle Nathria. Moreover, her ear-piercing cries are a signal for locating her potential victims. In addition, just before she launches an attack on her prey, trespassers hear her piercing cries.

Huntsman Altimor is an encounter where players must take on the Huntsman and his followers. Defeat one after the other to conquer this boss. Destroying the Huntsman must be done with great precision and speed.

Hungering Destroyer lives up to its name. It preys on anima and will devour it wherever it can get hands on it. Here in the Castle of Nathria, anima is overflowing in supply. Players must beware to successfully make it out alive.

Artificer Xy’Mox is also the ultimate betrayer. Moreover, he pledges no loyalty to Sire Denathrius. He is concerned with meeting his own agenda. Players must put an end to him to prevent him tainting the Castle of Nathria once and for all.

Sun King’s Salvation requires the restoration of Prince Kael’thas’ soul. Bring him back to health in this daring encounter. Navigate attacks against Prince Kael’thas in phase one. In phase two, Kael’thas becomes immune to healing.

Lady Inerva Darkvein seeks to unravel the mysteries around anima in Shadowlands. Stop her in her tracks in trying to manipulate invaders by seizing their anima. Lady Inerva hopes to forge a dark path. Restrict her and bring her to her knees.

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Final Part of the Run & Additional Information

The Council of Blood also reigns over the court in Revendreth. Castellan Niklaus is the indestructible commander. In addition, players can also look out for Sludgefist who roams the halls in wait of Sire Denathrius.

Moreover, players should also listen out for his monstrous footsteps throughout the castle.

Stone Legion generals are ancient history. In addition, they have great strengths and strategies and must be defeated.

Sire Denathrius is the final boss. Moreover, he stood tall with the Eternal Ones, rulers of the realms of Death.

In the Shadowlands time of needs, he also betrayed his sacred duty.

He wields great power and will also obliterate anyone in his path.

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