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There are a number of different ways of gaining experience points (XP) in Fortnite: Battle Royale. You’ll pick up a steady stream of them simply by playing the game (who knew?). There are a few factors which determine how much XP you’ll gain from any given match though.

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The longer you last before being picked off by an opponent, for example, the more XP you’ll be granted at the end of the match. The higher you place overall, the greater the XP reward you’ll receive. There are further bonuses for the number of kills you manage to achieve as well. If you manage to emerge as top-dog with a Victory Royale then you can look forward to a particularly generous dollop of XP to help you rank up even faster.

Not only that, but if you reach a certain milestone on your Battle Pass (see further down the page), you’ll gain a bonus XP modifier. It is applied to every point that you earn subsequently. It’s possible to more than double your gains in this way, so there’s a lot of incentive to advance through the tiers – and, of course, pay a premium to Epic…

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