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Buy Fortnite KD Boost

Buy Fortnite KD Boost

The point is seeing something like that is much better at evaluating skill. You can go for wins, doesn’t mean your bad or worse than someone with a higher KDM. People who go for more engagements per match are going to have more experience in fights while winning shows a high knowledge in correct rotations.

1 involves fighting people and the other involves moving around the map better than someone else. The whole point is nobody should view KD as an indicator of pvp skill. KDM is best for pvp, win % is useful but not to know how good you are at fighting people so you can value it more, doesn’t make the player is good if they have a low KDM since they’re likely passive and would get beat by a player who has more experience in the pvp aspect of the game.

As long as the pro scene remains about winning though it’s not like you’re wrong to value winning more but we’re talking about pub stats.

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