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Torghast Boost – General Information & Overview


In the following section, we’ll explain in great detail what exactly it is that’s happening in Torghast, the biggest new feature of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. We’ve already spent a fair share of our time in it, and we’ve come to a conclusion. What conclusion? Well, we have figured out one thing – it is as awesome as it can possibly get when it comes to not only solo content but also team-play and party content. Being both a WoW Shadowlands player and our customer at the same time has never been more promising and rewarding than it is right now. Why though? The answer lies in just two words – Torghast Boost, also known as Torghast Carry! That’s right, we are offering the highest quality Torghast Boosting services. Cheap Torghast Boost that you can buy yourself! Both regular cheap Torghast Carry services, as well as Torghast Challenge Mode!

We will do our best to provide you with all the Torghast Carry related information.

Not only that, but we’ll make sure to convince you why it is just us that you should use in your journey through the Tower of the Damned!

If we’ve piqued your interest, make sure to keep reading.

However, if you’re here for something other than Torghast Carry, don’t fret.

We’ve prepared numerous services that ought to catch your eye.

You can check them all out by entering our main WoW Boost page if you’re an EU Player, or WoW Carry page if you’re a US player.



torghast boost, torghast carry


How Does Torghast Boost Work?

Torghast, The Tower of the Damned, being as complex as it is, translates well to both account-sharing and self-play methods.

To summarize everything and not waste your time, we’ll briefly explain how it’d work if you were to buy Torghast Boost.

Our Torghast boost service is specifically designed to battle any obstacle our customers come across.

We'll not only help you conquer the Tower of the Damned, but we'll also make sure you get rewarded accordingly.

Now, we’ll answer some of the most yearning questions along the way in order to clarify anything that might cause confusion.

First off, Torghast Boost Services are being done by players that have devoted the entirety of their time mastering all of the aspects Torghast brings forth.

Secondly, as far as the aforementioned options (account sharing and self-play) are concerned, both are perfectly viable for such service.

It’s all up to you.

Choose whichever one you feel the most comfortable with.

We’d suggest you go for the self-play option if you’d like to experience the Torghast Shadowlands services first-hand.

On the other hand, however, if you’re more into sharing the details and letting us do the work for you, account-sharing will be your go-to option.

Regardless of which option you decide to go for, Torghast, Tower of the Damned will fall!


Who Will Boost Me?

Only the best boosters the game has ever seen, of course!

The players that boost for our company are verified players that undergone a thorough process of validation.

Our boosters have gathered at 10 years of practice and experience within the game to be able to vouch for only the best Torghast Boost Service around.

They are extremely competent players capable of assisting anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, with anything.

Cheap Torghast Carry Services are no exception to our players.

Now, to answer the question ‘Who will boost me’ – professional Torghast players will boost you.

They will ensure you climb up the Tower of the Damned in the record amount of time.

Not only will they complete and conquer Torghast WoW Content, but they’ll also make sure to do it as efficiently and as fast as possible.

In case you go for the account sharing method, our boosters will be able to provide you with a live-stream.

That’ll give you an opportunity to watch our boosters have a go at Torghast using your own character.

All you need to do is give us your trust and buy Torghast Boost, our Torghast boosters will do the rest!


Playing Together With Torghast Boosters – First-Hand Experience!

Another thing worth mentioning when buying Torghast Carries is that you get a possibility of playing alongside our Torghast Boosters.

What that does is not only it allows you to participate in the Cheap Torghast Carry itself, but also learn the mechanics and find out what the best way of strolling through Torghast is.

A first-hand high-quality experience is something that we put great pride in providing.

Torghast is no exception.

The professional Torghast booster will go out of his way if need be and explain everything you need to know about Torghast WoW Service in detail.

If you find yourself in a dead-end and you need assistance, nothing is stopping you from asking our player.

He will provide you with quality answers to all of your burning questions.

We’ll make sure that you don’t end up wandering around aimlessly.

Let our players guide you through Torghast every step of the way!


Streaming Cheap Torghast Carry of the Highest Quality – Watch Live!

Alongside the experience factor that we provide, we provide a lot more.

One of the many things that the majority of our customers value a lot is streaming.

What’s better than being able to watch a professional play your own character?

Watch yourself slay anything that crosses your path – live!

Now, a question that we keep on getting all the time is whether it is a private stream that nobody else can see, or is it a stream that other players and people can watch.

Both, both are a viable option, depending on what you prefer better.

We value your privacy above all else, and we will continue to do so as long as it is your wish.

The second question that we commonly receive is ‘Which platform is the Torghast Booster going to stream on?’.

An answer to that question is fairly simple.

Whichever platform you want him to stream on.

It’s entirely up to you.

Just name it, and we’ll make sure to get a booster to adapt to your needs.



VPN – An Extra Step For Your Security!

If you are still not buying it, and if you’re not certain that we’re the right boosting company for you, check this out.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software that gives you online privacy and protection.

We use it as well.

Our main goal, when using a VPN, is to provide our customers with extra safety when using our services.

Torghast Carries are also one of the services that VPN usage is applicable to.

‘How come VPN ensures safety & lowers the risk of getting a suspension?’ – You may be wondering.

VPN allows us to change the ‘location’ that we log in from to your own.

Or at least a rough estimate of where you’re located at the point of buying the Torghast Boosting Service.

What that actually does is removes the IP-hopping factor that increases the risk of getting a ban.

This is just one of the many precautions that we use on a daily basis to make sure that our customers’ accounts are taken care of.

Safety is our number one priority.

WoW Shadowlands Torghast has never been safer.

Get our Torghast Carries today!


Buy Torghast Boost Service – Gains & Benefits

In the upcoming sections, we’ll provide you with quick info as to why you should go with us, what the benefits & rewards from getting a Torghast Boosting from us are, and what to expect throughout the boosting process.

Make sure to carefully read everything to get a better understanding of the Torghast Boost Services.


Smooth Ordering Process – Get Torghast Boost in a Few Clicks of a Mouse!

In addition to all the positive things that characterize our Torghast Boost, the straight-forward ordering process is also one of the things worth mentioning.

We’re almost 100% positive that you’ve once in your life come across a site with a rather complex ordering system, and just gave up.

This isn’t the case with us.

All the ordering is fairly simple.

We’ve made extremely buyer-friendly to make sure that our customers don’t waste their precious time going around; trying to figure out how to place the order in the first place.

A brief explanation of the ordering process goes something like this.

Enter our website.

Write anything that you might be interested in into the search box.

In case you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, you can always contact us on our live chat.

We’ll happily navigate you towards your desired product.

After you end up on the product you’re looking to buy, do the following.

Read the options that we offer related to the product of your choosing.

Select anything you desire and/or contact us if there is something that’s left out on the additional options that you’re aiming to get.

Depending on the service, you can also select the amount of that particular service by changing the quantity.

Click Buy Button and that’ll conclude the ordering process.

We’d then contact you to sort out any details regarding your order.

This procedure is applicable to all of the services that we offer, not just Torghast Boost.


Torghast, Tower of the Damned Requirements

Requirements that one needs to fulfill to enter Torghast, Tower of the Damned are almost non-existent.

We’ll list the main requirements that you’d need if you were after buying Torghast Services from us.


  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands with game-time on the Account
  • Level 60 Character (You can buy leveling from our store for a cheap price, you can change between USD and EUR in the top right corner)
  • Torghast Questline Completion 


As you can see, there are no real requirements.

The only requirement that we’d like to ask of you to fulfill is to give us your trust and buy the best cheap Torghast Carry Service, and your journey to the highest floors of Torghast will be a piece of cake.


Torghast Boost Price – The Best Quality – Cost Ratio on Market!

Now, you’re probably wondering why the prices that we’ve got going on are so affordable, but yet of such high quality.

The easiest way to put it into perspective is this.

We’ve been in your shoes.

Having to excavate past all the floors and trying to figure out which way to go next can become the most annoying thing in the world without proper guidance.

This is exactly the reason why we have our prices as low as we do right now.

We do not want you to wander around cluelessly.

We do not want you to roam around looking for the solution on your own.

The solution that we offer is here.

At our company.

Our Torghast Boost quality is second to none.

But the thing is, the quality does not mean that you’ll have to pay a load of money just to get it yourself.

Our Benefit/Quality to Cost Ratio is something that we are really proud of.

As opposed to numerous websites overcharging their customers for such services, we are the ones that tend to undercharge.

If you bear sincere interest in getting on top of the Tower, do it with us.

We’ll make sure you get there and get there with the least amount of money spent along the way.


Fast & Cheap Torghast Carry Delivery – Skyrocket to the Top Floor With Us!

Time is money, friend!

Bet you’ve heard that one before.


Here at BoostRoom, we unquestionably abide by those words.

An entire specter of like-minded people boast our ranks.

Why are we saying all of this though?

Well, extended delivery time is a common occurrence in our branch of work.

This is why we put great effort into making the time needed to complete the order as short as humanly possible.

A great diapason of professional Torghast players that have analyzed and tested every possible Torghast time-consuming variable and took it into consideration when completing the order is at your disposal.

What this does is it vouches for an order completion within record time.

A time that is of great value to both you and us alike.

Getting a Torghast rush is a couple of clicks of a mouse away.

Hit us up right now, and rest assured, the time-consuming factor that we’re both trying to avoid will be no more.


Torghast Carry - Safe and Reliable Boosting Company!

Last but not least, we’d like to talk about security & safety.

We’ll make it as brief as possible in hope that you’ll understand what it is that we’re offering here, and why it is just us that you should go for when buying a Torghast Boost.

We’ll list the main pros of buying Torghast Carry at our company down below.

Make sure to read them carefully, it ought to help you make up your mind if you’re still in doubt whether we conduct legitimate & safe business or not.


  • VPN Usage
  • Offline Mode
  • Verified Boosters
  • Streaming Services
  • Order Tracking
  • Whisper/Reply Control (Customer’s choice)
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Custom Safety Precautions (On-demand)


Safety is our number one priority, it should be yours as well.

By contacting us and getting a Torghast Boost from us, you’re in for a safe and sound ride.

Buy Torghast Boost today, and rest assured that only the safest & the most reliable service is a guarantee BoostRoom.


WoW Torghast Rewards – Everything You’ll Ever Need, All in One Place – BoostRoom!

Next on the list is the thing that you’re pretty much here for.

The rewards and goods that you can obtain throughout the Torghast Boost process.

We’ll go over every single one of the rewards and benefits of getting cheap Torghast Carry from us!

Allow us to amaze you with the, up to this date, the most unique rewards WoW has ever produced.

Never before seen items, loot and cosmetics are here for the taking.

Don’t miss out, keep on reading, and find out just why it is imperative to obtain every single one of them.


Achievements Obtainable through Torghast, Tower of the Damned Carry

Torghast, Tower of the Damned has brought upon us a great number of achievements that need completing.

They’re mostly related to the boss-killing aspect of the content, however, there are a couple of them that refer to collecting certain items.

Completing these achievements will for sure bring great light onto your account and the progression you’ve made so far.

Kick those achievement points up a notch by completing the achievements in Torghast by buying our best Torghast Boosting Service today!

The main achievements that are well-known and sought after can be found on the list below, or you can click here to check them out!


  • Gatekeepers of Torghast
  • Phanciful
  • Phantastic
  • Phanatical
  • Twisting Corridors: Layer 8
  • Achievements earned through completing each Layer in each Wing


Freed Soul

Another novelty that we’ve been introduced to is the so-called Freed Soul.

You can obtain a Freed Soul by freeing Bound Souls in Torghast.

The main reason why anyone should strive towards getting Freed Soul is the ability to upgrade and to advance your Covenant Sanctum.

Freed Soul is mostly just a by-product of our Torghast Boosting Service, but just as important to earn as anything else nonetheless.

You can find out more about these items by clicking on the link here.



Legendary Component

One more thing worth noting is the Legendary Component.

What is the Legendary Component?

Legendary Component is an item that is used for crafting Legendary Items in WoW Shadowlands.

One can find these items by opening Resonant Chests that are all around Torghast.

One thing worth noting is that Legendary Component – Soul Ash has its weekly limits.

You can only obtain a certain amount of Soul Ash each week.

To be more precise, the number that you can get each week is 100.

You can use that Soul Ash to either craft a legendary item or upgrade an already-existing legendary item.

If you’d like us to get you the Soul Ash without you having to move a finger, buy Torghast Boost from us, and we’ll without a doubt farm any desired amount just for you!

In addition, if you'd like to learn more about Soul Ash, you can click here!


Torghast Boss Loot

The sixth floor of every layer contains a small room in which every player will get the opportunity to face a boss.

Another NPC worth mentioning that also resides on the same floor is a Shackled Broker.

Shackled Broker basically works just like any other Shackled Broker within any break room.

Broker has one use, and one use only.

And that is to give every play a chance to spend his extra Phantasma to prepare for the upcoming boss fight.

To be a bit more specific, Ve'not is the Broker present on these floors.

Torghast Bosses do drop loot.

Alongside loot, they also drop a bunch of Condemned Soul Essence.

Once the boss is down, a barrier so-to-say will disappear, enabling the player to go through the portal into the next room.

But before you leave, bear in mind there is an Anima Orb right next to the portal.

Such Orbs contain exclusively epic Anima powers that’ll help you beat the upcoming floors.

But that’s not all, you’ll also find a Resonant Chest with a fair amount of Soul Ash right by the exit.

Do not miss out on any of the rewards that boss floors provide.

Buy Torghast Boost, we’ll get all of those juicy items straight away!


Condemned Soul Essence

As we’ve previously stated, one of the plus sides and pros of getting a boss kill within Torghast is being able to of ‘Condemned Soul Essence’ item.

Here’s a list of the NPCs & Bosses that after being killed drop Condemned Soul Essence.


  • Warden Skoldus
  • Dark Ascended Corrus
  • Watchers of Death
  • Arch-Suppressor Laguas
  • The Great Malleare
  • Custodian Thonar
  • Warden of Souls
  • Elder Longbranch
  • Binder Baritas
  • Observer Zelgar
  • Synod
  • Kosarus the Fallen
  • Decayspeaker
  • Writhing Soulmass
  • Gherus the Chained
  • Maw of the Maw
  • Cellblock Sentinel
  • Goxul the Devourer


Now, there are two ways of getting the abovementioned bosses killed.

The first one is by entering and playing by yourself.

And the second one, the one that we favor better and would advise over the first option, is buying Torghast Boost Service from us.

Get any amount of Condemned Soul Essence today.

All you need to do is reach out to us, and we’ll get to it right away!


Torghast Challenge Mode Boost Rewards

Torghast Challenge Mode is something we’ve been introduced to in previous expansions.

And guess what?

It’s back again.

This time it’s not strictly called Challenge Mode, but instead, it’s actually Twisting Corridors (also known as Torghast Challenge Mode), and it’s located within Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Now, the way it works is pretty simple.

There are 3 randomly chosen layers that are stitched together to make up for one hell of an 18-floor run.

Not only is it longer, but it contains enemies that are harder to kill.

Generally speaking, it’s called Challenge Mode for a good reason.

Torghast Challenge Mode - Twisting Corridors, as opposed to the regular Wings runs, do not drop Soul Ash that can be used to craft legendaries, or upgrade them for that matter.

However, it does drop Stygia, the main currency used to buy goods at Ve’nari.

The main thing that the majority of people enter Challenge Mode is cosmetics.

In the upcoming few paragraphs, we’ll do our best to enclose the benefits of competing in a Twisting Corridors (Torghast Challenge Mode) run.

And what better way to complete the already-mentioned Torghast Rush than using our ' buyTorghast Boost' service?


Torghast Pet: Death Seeker

Death Seeker is a pet that closely resembles most of the environment and surroundings that Torghast is built out of.

A cool looking pet that you can add to your collection with little to no effort.


By buying our Torghast Boost, you’ll get the chance to have this little guy walk around beside you, as well as fight alongside you against other pets.

In order to get this pet, one needs to complete Twisting Corridors Layer 2 in Torghast.

We’ve gone out of our way and collected more information on the Death Seeker pet.

You can check that out right below, or by clicking on the link here.


  • Base Quality – Rare
  • Cageable – No
  • Faction – Neutral
  • Mobility – Ground (hovers)
  • Release Info – Patch 9.0.2


 Toy: Helm of the Dominated

Another collectible worth mentioning that’ll for sure look super awesome in your arsenal is Helm of the Dominated.

This nifty toy will grant you the opportunity to present yourself as one of the Mawsworn.

In order to obtain Helm of the Dominated, one must complete Twisting Corridors (Torghast Challenge) Challenge Mode) Layer 4 achievement.

The best way to go about getting the achievement itself is, you guessed it, by buying our Torghast Boost services.

A couple of sidenotes – it cannot be used in an arena, and one must be at least level 50 in order to use it.


Title: Spirestalker %s

What better way than to show everyone that you’ve conquered Twisting Corridors, also known as Torghast Challenge Mode than obtaining this awesome-looking title.

Spirestalker is a title that one can get by completing Twisting Corridors Layer 6 achievement.

An achievement that’s a bit tougher to obtain, not for us though.

Allow us to assist you in getting the prestige you so rightfully deserve by completing a Torghast Challenge Mode alongside our top-tier Torghast Boosters!


Mount: Corridor Creeper

Now, for the biggest star of the Torghast Challenge Mode rewards, Corridor Creeper!

A never-before-seen bear-like mount that ought to catch the eye of those who want to fill in their mounts list!

Out of all the rewards that Torghast Challenge Mode provides, this one might be the hardest one to obtain.

It requires a player to complete a Layer 8 in Twisting Corridors (Torghast Challenge Mode).

Get your own Corridor Creeper today!

Hit us up, get our cheap Torghast Carry service and we’ll make sure that you end up riding this bad boy within a matter of hours!


Additional Information about Torghast

With the last paragraph, we’ve covered almost everything there is you need to know about Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

One thing that we did however leave out are Torments.


Because they deserve a special place and a fair share of explanation to understand how they work.

Torments are basically affix-like features that have been introduced with the release of Torghast.

What they do is they in one way or another make it more difficult for a player to progress towards the top layers.

There are several different Torments that are currently present.

To help you get a better understanding of each one of them, we’ve put a list together down below.

Make sure to check it out.


  • Soulforge Heat – 1% of Player’s Maximum Health taken by Fire Damage from Soulforges
  • Eye of Skoldus – Spawn of Minions whilst Player is out of combat (every 40 seconds)
  • Fracturing Forces – Mawsworn Shadestalker appears every 30 seconds (out of combat)
  • Breath of the Coldheart – Increases enemies’ health by 5%
  • Mort’regar Echoes – Enemy Magic Damage increase by 3%
  • Might of the Upper Reaches – Enemy Physical Damage increase by 3%


How to Unlock Torghast, Tower of the Damned?

Now, onto the next most yearning questions that the majority of players are curious about.

What is the procedure behind unlocking Torghast, Tower of the Damned?

After hitting level 60, and after you pledge yourself to a certain Covenant, you’ll gain eligibility for a quest that’ll take you into the Maw.

The quest will introduce you to the environment, novelties surrounding the Maw, and, in addition, it’ll unlock the Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

The trial quest that you need to do to unlock Torghast is as easy as a quest can be.

As you can see, the process is fairly straight-forward, you just have to know the right people for the job.

We’ve been questing for the past decade in order to help numerous customers advance through the obstacles that WoW brings onto them, and we have no intention of stopping.

Let us do the Torghast Unlocking Quest for you, and help you reach your desired endgame goal!


How to Enter Torghast

In order to be able to enter Torghast in the first place, you have to complete the aforementioned questline that opens the portal.

Once the portal is opened up, you can go ahead and enter.

You can find the entrance to Tower of the Damned at the back portion of Ve’nari Refuge in The Maw.

Requirements needed to enter Torghast portal, besides the questline, are non-existent.

That’ll allow you to enter Torghast without having to struggle and waste your time completing attunement runs in random dungeons or anything of that sort.

We’ve gone the extra mile and fetched you a screenshot that you can take a look at to pinpoint the exact location of the Torghast, Tower of the Damned entrance.

Furthermore, if you are still not 100% sure of where the entrance is, you can always contact us on live chat, and we’ll gladly clarify, or even have one of our players guide you to it.

As for the screenshot that we’ve previously mentioned, you can check it out down below.


Torghast Structure and Mechanics

Torghast being something new that we’ve never seen before deserves a special place in our ' buy Torghast Boost' section.

It bears many complexities and is, to say the least, fairly difficult to understand.

In the upcoming section, we’ll do our best to explain in-depth how Torghast is designed, what the mobs in it do, and the general mechanics behind Tower of the Damned.

If you feel like you’ve ended up at a crossroads not knowing which way to go, our mini-guide will surely help you choose the right path.

Make sure to carefully read everything if you don’t want to miss out on any important piece of information.


The Jailer’s Chains – A Force to be Reckoned With!

One of the most annoying things that we’ve previously had the privilege of experiencing is not being able to swap out the gear or specialization during the dungeons runs for example.

This mechanic is no different than that one.

There are, however, slight changes and positive sides to it, rather than it just being a nuisance that disallows us to maneuver our character’s characteristics.

The Jailer’s Chain is actually a debuff that a player receives upon entering Torghast.

It prevents you from, as we’ve already said, changing gear, talents, and specialization throughout the Torghast rush.

There is a catch to it though.

There happens to be a certain so-called Refuge of the Damned.

What it does is it suppresses the Jailer’s Chains.

That means that for a brief period of time, it allows you to actually bypass the limitations given by Jailer’s Chains.

Furthermore, changing talents, items, and specialization become a perfectly viable option.

Refuge can be found at the entrance of Torghast, as well as on every 3rd floor of the Tower.

One more thing worth noting about Refuge is that it actually conceals you from your enemies, making it harder for them to notice you in the first place.


Runecarver’s Chamber – Torghast Carry Services

Alongside many hostile mobs, a certain Runecarver inhabits our beloved Tower of the Damned.

The location of the Runecarver is in Forge of Souls.

This is the exact place you’ll bring your Soul Ash and other materials in order to craft a desired legendary item or upgrade one for that matter.

As far as the unlocking part of the chamber goes, it’s also pretty simple.

An entrance to Runecarver’s Chamber becomes available right after the Torghast introductory questline.

You’ll find the Chamber on your right-hand side, right after you enter Torghast.


Wings & Layers

There are three so-to-say ways of getting around Torghast Tower.

One is Runecarver’s Chamber that we’ve already talked about, the other one is Twisting Corridor(s), and the last but not least are Wings, which are also commonly used by many.

Here are all the Wings currently present within the tower:


  • Skoldus Hall
  • Fracture Chambers
  • Soulforges
  • Coldheart Interstitia
  • Mort’regar
  • The Upper Reaches


Each one of these wings is divided into eight Layers.

Each layer is different and bears specific characteristics of the environment, enemies, and bosses in general.

As for the layers, they are divided into six Floors.

First Layer contains Floors 1 to 6, the second layer contains Floors 7 to 12, and so forth.

Full completion of Layer grants the player Soul Ash (The Legendary Component) needed to craft legendary items at the Runecarver’s Chamber.

These layers can also be unlocked.

You can unlock a layer by finishing it in its entirety.

Bear in mind, as you climb the layers & floors, enemies keep getting harder.

If you wish for us to complete it in your stead, please do contact us and buy Torghast Boost right away.

We’ll make sure that every single layer from the bottom to the top is cleared without a question.


Twisting Corridors in Torghast (Challenge Mode)

Twisting Corridors are a side-way so-to-say within Torghast that are usually considered to be a ‘Challenge Mode’.

They bear different rewards, which are mainly cosmetic appearance related.

They also give an opportunity to the players to obtain Stygia, an item worth collecting for the sake of getting items at the Ve’nari.

We can help you beat the Twisting Corridors a.k.a Torghast Challenge Mode as well as the regular wings with a couple of clicks of a mouse.

Contact us today and buy your own Challenge Mode Torghast Boost, we’ll do the rest!


Deaths – Impact of the Death Count & the Tarragrue

The death count is actually the aspect that can make your life a living hell if you lose your focus.

We’ve previously been limited by the time and speed that we need to complete a certain run in.

However, that is not the case when it comes to our 'buy Torghast Boost' service.

The number of deaths allowed depends on the number of players present in the run.

Death Count according to the number of players:


  • Solo – 5 Deaths
  • 2 Players – 8 Deaths
  • 3 Players – 10 Deaths
  • 4 Players -13 Deaths
  • 5 Players – 15 Deaths


Now, the thing with the death count is that even after you reach an allowed number of deaths, you’re still not completely out of the game.

Instead, you'll end up being timed 30 seconds, after which an NPC called Tarragrue will appear.

After you reach, for example, 5 Deaths as a solo player, a clock will start ticking.

The clock shows how much time left you’ve got left before the Tarragrue appears at the beginning of the ongoing floor.

The Tarragrue will then make its way towards the end of the floor.

If you end up crossing path with the Tarragrue, you can say goodbye to the progress you’ve made thus far.


It'll kill you instantly.

If you manage to get to the end of the floor before the Tarragrue reaches you, it'll disappear and you’ll progress forward with the possibility to die one more time before Tarragrue appears again.


Torghast Layer & Floor Layouts

Torghast can become a real maze if you’re not well acquainted with its wings, corridors, and whatnot.

In this section we’ll explain what it consists of and which way is the most optimal one, depending on your end-goal.

Now, first thing’s first.

What is the floor?

The floor is a room within Torghast that you get spawned in once you enter the main portal that leads to into the tower.

The floor ends with another portal.

After you enter the portal, you get teleported into the next floor, and so on and so forth.

Now, as far as the Layer is concerned, as opposed to the Floor, Layer actually consists out of these aforementioned floors.

To be precise, the number of floors that sum up to one layer is 6.

Now there are 2 ways you can take when completing Torghast.

One way is going through the Wings, and the other one is going through the Twisting Corridors a.k.a Torghast Challenge Mode.

The difference between these two is that Twisting Corridors (Torghast Challenge Mode) are made out a group of 3 layers, whilst the Wings are made out of 8 Layers.

However, the number of floors in a Layer within the Corridors is 18 instead of 6.

Then there are also break rooms and boss rooms.

Break rooms are on every 3rd floor while the boss rooms are on every 6th floor of the run.


Anima Orbs and Powers in Torghast Boost

Anima Orbs are the holy grail of Torghast Boost completion.

Why is that?

There are multiple reasons, but first, allow us to explain what they do.

That’ll help you get a better picture of how good they actually are.

Anima Orbs are basically power-ups that a player can get throughout the entirety of the Torghast Rush.

There are multiple ways of getting your hands on these orbs.

Here are some of them:


  • They can spawn on the floor, guarded by Elite Mobs
  • Rare Mob, after being killed, spawns an orb
  • Completing objective such as helping covenant prisoners will spawn an orb
  • It can be obtained through buying Plundered Anima Cell from one of the Brokers in Break Rooms
  • Random drop from Phylacteries & enemies
  • They can be spawned by killing Empowered Mobs (the ones that have increased health and damage)


The trick behind having a good Torghast run is knowing which Anima Orbs to use for which power-ups.

There are numerous guides on the internet, however, none can beat a well-rounded professional booster when it comes to efficiency and the speed of choosing these power-ups.

Our top-tier players have studied and thoroughly researched the best possible pattern and usage of each one of the Anima Orbs that Torghast presents to them throughout the entire run.

Don’t waste your time overthinking which one to use, buy Torghast Carry from us, we’ll do it for you!



Phylacteries are cups that are scattered around the floors all the way through to the top.

They can bring forth Phantasma material (a consumable resource), as well as the Anima Orbs.

Not all the Phylacteries however can drop an Anima Orb.

Some Phylacteries are topped off with an Anima-Orb-Like rune décor.

These Phylacteries are not something that should be neglected and looking through.

They play a vital role in progressing toward the top layers.

All of the information on phylacteries has already been gathered by our team.

All the knowledge we possess we’ll translate over to your Torghast Boost order.


The Wayfinder – An Easy Way of Keeping Track of your Progress!

Wayfinder is a nifty tool that you can use to help yourself in keep track of already-completed parts of Torghast.

To be more precise, it shows you the obtainable amount of Soul Ash for the ongoing week, as well as the accessible layers (the ones that you have already completed).

The Wayfinder, in Torghast that is rather confusing, has found a good use.

Don’t miss out on interacting with the Wayfinder to look up what the potential rewards for the ongoing week are.

It can be of great assistance to those who do not want to wander around aimlessly.


Torghast Boss Encounters

The toughest NPCs that inhabit Torghast Tower are to be found on every 6th floor.

They are incredibly strong and fairly difficult to kill.

Before starting a boss encounter, you should consider spending the extra phantasma at the Broker in the same room.

Don’t take boss encounters lightly if you don’t want to get that death count up.

The Tarrague is just around the corner, get our cheap Torghast Carry service if you don’t want it to spawn by dying to these pesky bosses.


Rare mobs in Torghast

Rare mobs within Torghast are just another feature that is not worth skipping.

If you’re wondering why it’s because they’re bearing high rewards after we kill them.

The rewards are either a significant amount of Phantasma, or certain Anima orbs that are proven to be a great boost in power.

Do not miss out on any Rare mob if you’re really looking to stroll through with ease.


Quests in Torghast Boost

Yet another thing that can assist players in thriving and completing the tower are quests.

Quests are rather optional bonus objectives that can undergo completion at any point in time whilst the run is ongoing.

They reward either Phantasma or Anima orbs that are of great benefit when it comes to empowering your character's abilities and skills thus making it easier for you to advance to top floors.

Some of the well-known quests that reward phantasma or anima orbs and that ought to pique your interest are:


  • Indri’s Flute
  • Hala’s Sword
  • Gallath’s Bell
  • Meatball’s Revenge
  • Help Moriaz find Buttons


These are just some of the quests worth mentioning, there are plenty more that you can pick up during your run.

If you need help completing any one of those quests, you should by now know where to look.

Hit us up and we’ll do any quest you name.


Frequently Asked Questions about Torghast Boost (F.A.Q.)

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a fairly complex roguelike content that can bring up a fair share of uncertainties.

On a daily basis, we receive numerous questions regarding certain Torghast features and the way they work.

At any rate, these features need to be brought up to the light and need to be explained thoroughly so our customers can go for a care-free Torghast rush.

Please, make sure to read all of the frequently asked questions that we’ve listed down below.

By doing so, you’ll gather all the information needed to progress as fast as possible with the least amount of issues.

In addition, if there is a question that’s been bugging you and it is not shown in our FAQ section, please reach out to us immediately and tell us what it is that’s bothering you.

We’ll do our best to explain everything to the best of our ability.


Will my Torghast Boost Start on the Same Day of Placing Order?

Long story short, yes – yes it will.

The 'buy Torghast Boost' service, alongside 90% of the services that we offer starts as soon as you place the order.

A few exceptions would be raids and events that start at a certain point in time.

Luckily, cheap Torghast Carry does not fall into those kinds of services.

We value our customer's time and we act accordingly.

Do not worry about having to wait for us to start working on your order.

If you’re having doubts about anything regarding the start time, delivery time, or online/offline time, please do contact us on our live chat.

We are available 24/7 and ready to take on any question you throw at us.


Do you Offer Discount for Multiple Torghast Boost Orders?

A returning customer discount is certainly a thing here at BoostRoom.

'Buy Torghast Boost' service being one of those services that are repeatable, will for sure take the number one spot when it comes to providing our customers a discount.

Not only is it repeatable, but in order for one to be on top of the game and advance at a higher speed, he will most certainly need to climb up the tower of the damned multiple times each week.

And we haven’t even mentioned the players that are using more than one character.

Offering a discount for multiple runs is only a natural thing for us to do.

Rest assured that a cheap Torghast Carry is waiting for you.

You just have to know where to look.

Guess what?

You’ve just found the right place.

Message us today, tell us the number of runs you’d like for us to complete, and we’ll discount the price accordingly!


Can I schedule a Start of my Torghast Carry at Specific Time?

Just like we said, we greatly value your time.

We are here every day of the year, every hour and every minute.

That allows you to schedule the cheap Torghast Carry at any point in time.

Choose the most suitable time-frame that fits your schedule.

Contact us today, tell us at what time you’d be available; and start working your way up to the top!


How Will you Contact me Once I Buy Torghast boost?

There are several ways of getting in touch after placing the order.

Some customers contact us on live chat right after they place the order to sort out the details straight away.

On the other hand, the contacting part, in case you do not make the first move and message us on live chat, will be done by us.

If you’re wondering how, here’s how.

After you decide to go for a certain service (in this case Torghast Carry), there will be a box in which you’d be able to write your contact details.

You should put in the most convenient method that you feel most comfortable with.

It can be either skype, discord, mobile phone, email, or anything else for that matter.

As long as you’re not leaving your comfort zone, you’re doing it the right way.

One more way you can go about your mission to contact us is through our live chat, as we’ve previously said.

We are available 24/7.

Our support agents will be more than happy to help you out with any question you might have, as well as take in your order and help you navigate forward & proceed onto the completion of your Torghast Carry order.


What is Torghast challenge mode?

Simply put, Twisting Corridors that are a part of Torghast difficulty choice are actually Torghast Challenge Mode.

The thing about Torghast Challenge Mode is that they don’t have 6 floors like in usual Torghast runs.

Instead, they have 18 floors taken from several random wings within Torghast.

That and a couple of more things is what separates Torghast Challenge Mode from the usual Torghast Wings runs.

The biggest plus side of completing the Challenge Mode (Twisting Corridors) are cosmetic rewards.

Each player will receive them after completing certain thresholds.

The downside to Twisting Corridors (Torghast Challenge Mode) is the lack of Soul Ash that’s used for crafting and upgrading legendary items.


What are the best classes for Torghast Boost?

Just like in every other expansion before Shadowlands, developers have done a pretty good job when it comes to balancing out and making it doable for each and every class.

However, to balance out does not necessarily mean that every class will have an easy time clearing Torghast.

Some will stroll through with ease while others will struggle quite a bit.

Information such as which one is the best cannot be disclosed so easily.

The game keeps on changing almost on a monthly basis with a ton of updates throughout the entire expansion.

That is one of the many things that we love about WoW. It does not get boring.

Though having a constantly-changing game on our hands is a good thing, we also can’t really point a finger to a class that’ll be the best one in anything, not just in Torghast.

Although, regardless of which class you choose, our 'buy Torghast Boost' service will be perfectly applicable.

Any class, any spec, and any time.

Our team consists of players that’ll conduct cheap Torghast Carry with ease despite the odds being against them.

That is what we are used to and that is where we shine.

Buy a cheap Torghast Carry at BoostRoom now, and we’ll show you that any class is capable of clearing Tower of the Damned with ease!


Does Torghast drop gear?

Indeed it does.

Not only does it drop gear, but it drops other useful items.

As far as the gear goes, the main thing that we’re in for is getting Legendary Items.

Extremely fast progression when it comes to gearing, in general, comes from completing Torghast.

It is only natural that a part of it comes from bosses, which we have covered in one of the previous segments.

Finally, if you’re looking to get some gear while simultaneously obtaining achievements, cosmetics, and more, our 'buy Torghast Boost' service is the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact us today, buy Torghast Boost Service, and everything we’ve talked about thus far will be yours, and more!


Do I get a discount if I'm a returning customer?

Not only will you get a discount, but you'll also get a cheap Torghast Carry that you'll never think about shopping elsewhere.

Here at our company, we value all of our customers.

However, we put great effort into giving a special place to those who are loyal to us.

Loyal customers have a special place in our hearts and they rightfully deserve to get an additional discount.

Just like we offer discounts for all the other services; we offer discounts for cheap Torghast Carry.

If you want to make sure that you get a cheap Torghast Carry, make sure to check out the remainder of our services.

However, if you're not a returning customer, but a newcomer, worry not.

We've got awesome offers for you too!

Cheap Torghast Carry can be yours as well.

All you need to do is contact us, and we'll give the experience of a lifetime!

Cheap Torghast Carry is a couple of clicks away!


What can I get from Ve'nari if I buy Cheap Torghast Carry?

Ve'nari is a NPC that is situated in, you guessed it, Ve'nari's Refugee.

There are numerous goods that you can obtain yourself from Ve'nari if you decide to get our Cheap Torghast Carry.

The main reason why you'll be able to afford the items that he sells is that by buying our Cheap Torghast Carry service, you'll get a chance to farm Stygia.

Stygia can be traded in for some of the awesome rewards.

Some of the epic rewards obtainable through our Cheap Torghast Carry, bought from Ve'nari are:


  • [Possibility Matrix]
  • [Phantasmic Infuser]
  • [Ritual Prism of Fortune]
  • [Loupe of Unusual Charm] (Rare)


In addition, if you'd like to learn more about Ve'nari, you can do so by clicking here.

Finally, if you feel like you're missing out on something and come across these rewards and come to a conclusion that you need exactly these, you can get them by buying our cheap Torghast Carry today!

Any epic item, or any item in general can be yours if you end up buying our cheap Torghast Boost!

We'll do you justice, all you need to do is give us your trust, and we'll do the rest!



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