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X45 Heartbreaker Offers

Discover the best offers on X45 Heartbreaker, the coveted World of Warcraft mount. Don't miss out on our exclusive deals and special offers that make acquiring this rare pink rocket easier than ever. Secure your X45 Heartbreaker today and elevate your in-game experience with our unbeatable deals and top-notch service.

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X45 Heartbreaker Mount – Key Information

  • Rare Love is in the Air Reward: The X45 Heartbreaker, formerly known as the Big Love Rocket, is an exceedingly rare mount awarded during the annual 'Love is in the Air' festival. This highly sought-after pink rocket is available only during festival dates, typically in February.
  • Obtained from Heart-Shaped Box: To secure this unique mount, players must defeat the Crown Chemical Co. bosses during the event and receive the Heart-Shaped Box. The X45 Heartbreaker has a chance to drop from this special box, making it a prize for dedicated collectors.
  • First Daily Attempt Advantage: As of 2023, your first daily attempt per account has a significantly higher chance of awarding the X45 Heartbreaker mount compared to subsequent attempts. Make sure to seize this opportunity at least once per day during the event.
  • Introduced in Patch 3.3: This exceptional mount was introduced in Patch 3.3, becoming a symbol of rarity and love in the World of Warcraft universe.
  • Travel Modes: The X45 Heartbreaker is a versatile mount, offering both ground travel at +60% or +100% speed and flying at +150%, +280%, or +310% speed, depending on your riding skill.

X45 Heartbreaker from BoostRoom

  • Exclusive Access: At BoostRoom, we offer you exclusive access to the X45 Heartbreaker mount. This exceptionally rare and coveted World of Warcraft mount is a symbol of love and rarity in the gaming world, and we make it accessible to you.
  • Proven Expertise: Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the game and its mechanics. We've successfully helped countless players obtain the X45 Heartbreaker, and we bring our expertise to every transaction.
  • Secure and Reliable: When you choose BoostRoom, you're choosing a secure and reliable service. We prioritize your account's safety and ensure that the acquisition of the X45 Heartbreaker is smooth and worry-free.
  • Competitive Deals: We provide competitive deals and offers to make obtaining the X45 Heartbreaker more affordable. Our commitment to providing the best value for your investment sets us apart.
  • Customer Satisfaction: BoostRoom is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to ensure you're not just getting a mount but a memorable gaming experience.

Choose BoostRoom for your X45 Heartbreaker journey and elevate your World of Warcraft adventure.

Rewards of the X45 Heartbreaker Mount

  • A Symbol of Rarity: The X45 Heartbreaker mount, formerly known as the Big Love Rocket, is a symbol of rarity and prestige in World of Warcraft. Owning this mount sets you apart as a dedicated collector and adventurer.
  • Exclusive Love is in the Air Reward: This highly-coveted pink rocket is only attainable during the annual 'Love is in the Air' festival, typically occurring in February. Its exclusivity makes it a prized possession for those lucky enough to obtain it.
  • Unique Ground and Flying Travel: The X45 Heartbreaker offers versatility in travel modes, with ground speeds at +60% or +100% and flying speeds at +150%, +280%, or +310%, depending on your riding skill. It's not just a rare mount; it's a functional one.
  • Elevate Your In-Game Style: Beyond its rarity, the X45 Heartbreaker adds a touch of elegance to your in-game style. Riding this unique mount turns heads and showcases your dedication to the World of Warcraft universe.
  • Patch 3.3 Legacy: Introduced in Patch 3.3, the X45 Heartbreaker has become a legacy item that connects players to the history of the game. It's a piece of WoW history you can ride.

Obtaining the X45 Heartbreaker isn't just about having a mount; it's about owning a piece of World of Warcraft history and making a statement in Azeroth.

FAQ about X45 Heartbreaker

What is the X45 Heartbreaker mount?

The X45 Heartbreaker, previously known as the Big Love Rocket, is a rare and highly sought-after mount in World of Warcraft. It's obtained during the 'Love is in the Air' event and is known for its distinctive pink appearance.

How can I acquire the X45 Heartbreaker mount?

To acquire the X45 Heartbreaker, you need to participate in the 'Love is in the Air' event, usually held in February. Defeat the Crown Chemical Co. bosses during the event to earn a Heart-Shaped Box, which has a chance to contain this rare mount.

Is the X45 Heartbreaker mount available year-round?

No, the X45 Heartbreaker mount is only available during the 'Love is in the Air' event, which typically takes place in February. It's a limited-time opportunity, so be sure to check the in-game calendar for event dates.

Can I obtain the X45 Heartbreaker on multiple characters?

Yes, you can attempt to obtain the X45 Heartbreaker on multiple characters. However, as of 2023, the first attempt per day per account has a significantly higher chance of awarding the mount than subsequent attempts.

Why should I consider purchasing the X45 Heartbreaker from BoostRoom?

BoostRoom offers a secure and reliable service for obtaining the X45 Heartbreaker mount. Our experienced team ensures a smooth acquisition process, and we provide competitive deals, making it easier for you to add this rare mount to your collection.

Order the X45 Heartbreaker Mount from BoostRoom

  • Select Your Options: Begin by selecting the desired options for your X45 Heartbreaker mount purchase. Choose the options that suit your preferences and needs.
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  • Delivery Confirmation: After your payment is processed, BoostRoom's team will work diligently to deliver the X45 Heartbreaker mount to your character. You'll receive confirmation once the mount is successfully added to your collection.

Ordering the X45 Heartbreaker from BoostRoom is a seamless process designed to save you time and provide you with this rare and coveted mount efficiently.

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