WoW Mage Tower

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WoW Mage Tower

Legion has introduced many novelties upon the release, out of which only a couple became rather popular. One of the most important and explicitly famous content pieces is the Mage Tower. Upon completion, the rewards were immense and the completion of the Tower itself was an extremely satisfying and fulfilling experience. However, not everyone was capable of completing the Mage Tower to begin with. It requires utmost skill, dedication and coordination to tackle the difficult parts of the Tower. This tower, will once again, see the light of the day, with the release of the 9.1.5. Shadowlands Patch. If you happen to fall among the group of people that are in need of Mage Tower assistance; with either the easiest or the hardest WoW Mage Tower Challenge, we’ll be your go-to option.

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WoW Mage Tower Overview

Mage Tower in general is a rather complex part of the content that can get quite confusing at times. With a couple of upcoming paragraphs, we’ll explain exactly which class, as well as spec, will tackle which challenge within the Tower. If you’d like to learn more and see to it that you gather all the intel before the official Timewalking release — make sure to read everything fully.


Druid Challenges

Druids tend to have one of the hardest WoW Mage Tower Challenges within the Tower. However, the completion of the challenges bears well worthy rewards. The best and the most important and sought-after reward is the Fel Werebear (Guardian). This form is unique and only accessible to those that are able to defeat all the WoW Druid Mage Tower Challenges. If you’d like to learn which druid spec is going to tackle which challenge, keep on reading!


Guardian Druid Challenge

Playing a guardian druid is complex by default. Having to tackle the opponents within the WoW Guardian Druid Mage Tower Challenge is a story that only the toughest and most professional of druids can handle. The Highlord’s Return is the name of the challenge that the guardians will have to face. Every druid that would like to get the rewards from completing this challenge will need to have an extremely well-developed game sense and skills. The Fel Werebear is, however, well worth the hassle of having to perfect your class for the Guardian Mage Tower!


Balance Druid Challenge

Balance druids will need to complete Thwarting the Twins challenge in order to get the transmog and the rewards that go alongside the completion. The issue that many players are having, in general, is playing ranged classes within solo challenge content. Positioning, spell rotation and focus are mandatory when trying to take on the enemies of the “Thwarting the Twins” Balance Druid Mage Tower Challenge.


Feral Druid Challenge

Feral Mage Tower is by no means an exception in terms of difficulty. Furthermore, the difficulty of having to play a feral druid within the challenge itself is a feat only the best players can boast of. An Impossible Foe Feral Druid Mage Tower Challenge is the name of the game when playing feral spec. Getting a hold of what needs to be done will take even the best of players a fair amount of time!


Resto Druid Mage Tower Challenge

What was once considered to be the easiest WoW Mage Tower Challenge has proven to be one of the most difficult ones. The healers that are looking to get the WoW Mage Tower Challenge Rewards will have to complete the challenge that goes by the name of “End of the Risen Threat”. There are 4 parts of the challenge that every player will have to complete:

  • Fighting off the Waves of Adds
  • Saving the Members of the Group
  • Healing the Souls
  • Killing the Final Boss

Being able to finish all 4 parts without dying or failing is by no means an easy task! However, the Resto Druid WoW Mage Tower Challenge Reward is well worth it!


Paladin Mage Tower Challenges

Paladins have been considered the easiest class in terms of clearing the content in general up until Mage Tower release. With the release, the difficulty has gone up tremendously. Some of the most difficult challenges await those looking to conquer the Tower playing a paladin. 3 Different challenges will take place, depending on the spec that you’re in. If you would like to learn more about which spec takes on which challenge, make sure to read everything carefully. If you happen to have any questions regarding the challenges or anything that has any correlation with the matter; contact us via our live chat. We’ll help you clear any doubts that you may have.


Holy Paladin Challenge

“End of the Risen Threat” is a challenge that awaits every single healer. It consists of 4 parts which are extremely difficult to tackle. The amount of focus and dedication necessary to take on the challenge is enormous; and only the most serious WoW players are able to get it out of the way. There are several guides out there, although not many show and explain what needs to be done properly. If you happen to be struggling with the challenge; you can click here and check out the service that we’re offering. It’ll surely be of great help!


Protection Paladin Challenge

The tank specialization classes have one goal in common. Being able to overcome The Highlord’s Return challenge. This challenge is accessible to anyone playing a tank spec and is by no means an easy one.  On the contrary, it is considered to be the toughest challenge within the Mage Tower. Prot Pally (Paladin) Mage Tower Challenge requires perfection. One wrong step can lead to a disastrous run. There are also two phases that are extremely difficult. The first phase is the bursting phase, a DPS race in a way. The second phase is the actual tanking phase, which will test your tanking skills and put you through hell. If you can’t grasp and take on the challenge, contact us straight away! We’ll gladly assist you with the challenge!


Retribution Paladin Challenge

Ret Paladin Mage Tower challenge goes by the name of The God-Queen’s Fury. The most important thing with this challenge is to be aware of your surroundings and spells at all times. A good game sense is a must here and it only takes a second for one to make a mistake; ultimately making the run fail. Whether you consider it the easiest or the hardest WoW Mage Tower Challenge, one thing is for sure. The experience and joy that you’ll get from playing this one, in particular, is something else. If you’d like to tackle on the challenge with our assistance, making your run smoother and more fun, contact us today!


Priest Challenge

Priest has proven to be, throughout expansions, one of the toughest classes to play, in general; both PvP and PvE-wise. In shadowlands, this is no exception. Priest, being a clother, and a caster class, has numerous spells that one needs to master in order to conquer the obstacles that are thrown at him. However, that’s much easier said than done. Now add the Mage Tower into the equation, and you get one hell of a tough ride. In an upcoming couple of paragraphs, we’ll go over the WoW Mage Tower Challenges that each Priest Spec has to go over, the hardest and the easiest ones, in order to obtain the rewards.


Discipline Priest Challenge

Feltotem’s Fall is the name of the Discipline Priest Mage Tower challenge that each discipline priest will have to overcome. This challenge takes patience and coordination to complete. Fading, Shielding and interrupting on each cast of the enemy is mandatory. Perfect timing and precision are a must. Priest, alongside the other classes that need to complete this WoW Mage Tower Challenge is most likely the toughest one to play. If you need assistance with the challenge, or have any questions about what the best ways of completing it are; contact us. We’re online 24/7 and ready to tackle the core of the issue alongside yourself.


Shadow Priest Challenge

Thwarting the Twins is the Shadow Priest Mage Tower Challenge. The challenge brings forth numerous enemies that are difficult to defeat. One would need to interrupt, heal and do whatever it takes to beat the challenge. This is no easy task; as the Thwarting the Twins Mage Tower WoW Challenge is considered to be one of the hardest Mage Tower Challenges out there. The vast majority of players would rather respec and attempt to complete the priest challenge in another spec. That itself speaks plenty. If you happen to need any information about this challenge, do reach out to us immediately. We’ll make sure to clarify any doubt that you may have.


Holy Priest Challenge

End of the Risen Threat is the name of the Holy Priest Mage Tower Challenge. Just like all the other healers that need to overcome this challenge, Holy priest that is behind the monitor needs extreme dedication and precision. The best of healers will be tested in this challenge, and only those that are the best of the best will conquer and obtain the Mage Tower Challenge WoW Rewards.

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Death Knight Challenge

Death Knight is a class that is alongside rogues and a few other classes the toughest one to play. When introduced to a challenge such as this one, the ability to play the Death Knight is being tested to the utmost limits. Perfect rotation, spec, positioning, interrupts, and much more needs to be timed precisely in order to get the job done. Furthermore, make sure to read the entirety of text down below to ensure that you get the full picture of what it actually takes to complete the Death Knight (DK) Mage Tower WoW Challenges! If you end up having any questions, contact us! We’ll gladly help!


Frost DK Challenge

Frost Death Knights will need to beat Closing the Eye. This encounter consists of a fight in two phases, with an intermission. Archmage Xylem will be the main enemy in this fight. He’ll throw all the regular mage spells, although amplified. The severe consequences of not being able to dodge his orbs will be the obstacle that many will find to be the hardest part. Moreover, proper usage of your spells, rotation, the positioning will be crucial when fighting this boss. Furthermore, there’ll also be an enemy that goes by the name of Corrupting Shadows. Both enemies will pose to be a threat to even the best of Frost DK players. Frost DK Mage Tower Challenge has shown to be one of the hardest challenges earlier, in Shadowlands, that will be no different.


Unholy DK Challenge

The Unholy Mage Tower Challenge goes by the name of An Impossible Foe.  Unholy DK Mage Tower Challenge requires players to beat Agatha. By far, amongst all the DK Challenges, the toughest one. Agatha is no joke, nor are her imps. The key part to this challenge is knowing which imp to prioritize. Umbral imp is by far the best choice, when looking to down the one that impacts your challenge the most. The other imp, that goes by the name of “Imp Servant” needs to be CC’d at most times. The other imps can be ignored for the most part. Furthermore, one more noteworthy piece of information is that it is mandatory to have an interrupt ready after the Dark Fury’s Shield is off. Prepare all the best consumables, gems, and enchants, you’ll need them!


Blood DK Challenge

Just like all the other tanks, Death Knight in the Blood Spec is going to tackle the Highlord’s Return. The players will encounter Inquisitor Variss in the first phase and Highlord Kruul in the second phase. Once you beat Highlord Kruul, you will receive all the rewards! The challenge, although being a tough one, still gives a fair share of assistance in the form of npc that goes by the name of Velen. Velen will occasionally cast Holy Ward, that when ran over, heals you by a significant amount. Moreover, there’s also Kor’vas, that will deal a small amount of damage to the enemies. Blood DK WoW Mage Tower Challenge Mode, is a force to be reckoned with. Tread carefully, and if you need help, make sure to contact us!


Rogue Challenge

Rogues have 3 different challenges that they face throughout the WoW Mage Tower. Each challenge is specific to a class specialization. The challenges, according to the specs, go as follows:

Each individual Rogue WoW Mage Tower Challenge is specific in terms of bosses that one would need to face, mechanics, and much more.


Mage Challenge

Mages have proven to be the easiest WoW Mage Tower Challenge in the game before; however, that might not be the case now. Legendaries, overall gear scaling and changes have made mages even one of the hardest challenges there are. There are 3 different Mage Mage Tower Challenges out there.

The reward for completing the challenges on either spec is a Regalia of the Arcane Tempest set. The set is unique in appearance and extremely good-looking! Furthermore, you can click here to check how it looks.


Monk Mage Tower Challenge

Monk is one of the most versatile classes within the game. Although Monk as a class has proven to be an easy one to play, Mage Tower as a part of the new content is no easy task. There are 3 different challenges that need to be fully completed in order to obtain full rewards from the WoW Mage Tower. Each challenge is specific to a certain specialization. If you’d like to learn more about each individual class and spec, make sure to read everything carefully. If you end up having a doubt or a question about any part of the aforementioned content, make sure to reach out to us immediately. We’ll clarify any uncertainty that you may have.


Brewmaster Challenge

Brewmaster is one of the many tank specs within the game. The name of the challenge that every Brewmaster monk needs to pass in order to obtain all the rewards goes by the name of The Highlord’s Return. In order to complete this one, Highlord Kruul and Inquisitor Variss must be defeated. These bosses are, however, no joke. Each one possesses a set of skills capable of destroying the dream of anyone that comes near them; looking for a reward from the WoW Mage Tower Challenge. The easiest class/spec to complete the Highlord’s Return Monk Mage Tower challenge seems to be, indeed, a Brewmaster Monk. However, having said that, the enemies inside the challenge are still a force to be reckoned with. Tread with caution! And also, if you happen to come across a part that seems rather difficult, contact us immediately! We’ll gladly assist!


Windwalker Challenge


Mistweaver Challenge