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super quick and really responsive!

5.0 rating

super quick and really responsive!

Nuno Almeida

Well done mage tower

5.0 rating

Mage tower was done perfectly and quickly. Couldnt have asked for better

Thyri Carver


5.0 rating

Worked swiftly and promptly without any problems. A lifesaver in my case!


Quick and painless

5.0 rating

Quick and painless. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!


Legit Service

5.0 rating

Fast and very easy to do. Knocked out the mage tower within minutes and now I’m sporting a nice new skin.


Everything turned out great

5.0 rating

I got what I ordered at a good price, and they helped me out with what I needed. I am pleased with how fast it took. Very Happy with the service.

Ethan K

Very fast service!

5.0 rating

Very fast service! friendly support too!
Would definitely recommend, definitely coming back for more 🙂


awesome carry!

5.0 rating

awesome carry!

Nicolae Carp

Guldan Mount

5.0 rating

Everything went smooth, thanks!


Best Service Available!!

5.0 rating

Very professional, courteous, fast. I love these people. You can even have a nice chat now and then to get a few tips it isn’t strictly business. This company has earned my business over the past 3 or 4 years and I never regret it. This has been recommended to family and friends. I would recommend this group to anyone out there who needs a little boost 🙂



5.0 rating

These people made sure to do what you pay them to do, they were kind and considerate to what I had asked. I was afraid and worried at the prospect of sharing my information with another set of people, but these people do more than their share to treat you right!


Quick and efficient.

5.0 rating

Quick and efficient.

Jonas Sørstrøm

10/10 You Pay - They Deliver!

5.0 rating

I’ve been using these guys for several months now, fantastic professional service and they always get to work as soon as I’ve placed the order. 10/10 couldn’t ask for better. Hope they continue the good work into Battle For Azeroth and beyond. Keep up the good work.


Simple and efficient

5.0 rating

Simple and efficient. Thanks!

Kenneth Brown

Mage Tower

5.0 rating

Mage Tower
everything went smooth and the support is very nice, can only recommend the Service!


What I liked was that they were fast to…

5.0 rating

What I liked was that they were fast to deliver, they also kept me updated on the progress of the order


top notch services!

5.0 rating

top notch services!

Joakim Nordin

Mage tower

5.0 rating

Great service each time I use them.

Legendary Man

all nice

5.0 rating

all nice 100% recommend

aravena andrens


5.0 rating

Very happy with them. was able to watch it being done. quick in and out under 10 minutes had my guardian druid skin. A+ service and fast. Didn’t ask me to remove my authenticator

Sysop Meeanda

They were awesome

5.0 rating

They were awesome, great prices, finished my order quickly, and kept me informed of everything that was going on. Will definitely use Boostroom in the future!


Very good customer service

5.0 rating

Very good customer service


Fast and Fantastic

5.0 rating

I’m always paranoid when I think about sharing account details. I have an Authenticator and they never asked to remove it. All I had to do is approve it once for them, they did their job and BOOM, Mage Tower runs done. No problems, nothing missing, or removed. These guys are trustworthy and they know what they’re doing. Love using their services. 100%


excellent service and good…

5.0 rating

excellent service and good communication hell yeah recomend this guys… they were fast and kept their word! 3 magetower on 3 toons every good

Francisco Javier Torres

Highly Recommend

5.0 rating

Quick concise and works with you to get the job done!
I cannot recommend these guy enough!
would do business with again!


A+ service

5.0 rating

Professional, fast, and great communication!


My Very Positive Experience

5.0 rating

Guys, I was as skeptic as one could be. Here is a summary of my experience:
Firstly, you must understand that when you purchase a “service” you, the buyer, must have all prerequisites and gear necessary for the task to be doable (for the most part). The “booster” can do some, but if your character is too under-leveled or not far enough in the story, you might be asked to complete those before the “booster” can complete the service (more on this later). Know what you are buying, know what needs to be done beforehand, and try your utmost best to make the process AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE for the boostroom employees. That should go without saying but sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t be dumb.
ALL communication was through email. There are other options, but I chose email. The representative was fast, formal/friendly, and seemingly good natured. My questions were answered in a VERY timely manner, BUT I MADE SURE TO BE PRECISE AND FORMAL with my questions and comments. Please, to help them help you, try to be articulate.
I needed all three Mage Tower Challenge appearances for my Warrior. Newer player, little time, busted thumb. I take a scary risk and trust boostroom with my account, and within three hours TOTAL I had the appearances.
My main is Protection, which I had the requirements for already. That was handled very quickly. They let me know my Arms and Fury Specializations were far below what they needed and kindly asked me to get them up to the appropriate level before they could proceed. They politely warned me that if I allowed too much time to pass I would need to re-purchase the service for a small fee. I was able to get my two remaining specializations up to the appropriate level that night, and THEN I SENT THEM AN EMAIL SAYING I HAD COMPLETED THE LEVELING.
The next morning before I had arrived at work, I received an email saying they were currently working on finishing my account request. Shortly after–they were done!
I logged back on and all three appearances were mine, with nothing else changed. All of my gold was still there, key bindings, etc. The only thing that was changed I could notice was a Trinket and ONE key-binding for looting which actually has improved my experience–so another thanks to boostroom there.
All in all, I am beyond impressed and thankful for this organization. They were prompt, kind, and extremely professional. If they ever read this review, I hope they realize how much I appreciate their efforts, and I hope I made it as easy for them as possible. Thanks again, guys.
One other note. Before I purchased the service I made sure to delete my credit card info from my Blizzard account, removed the two-factor authenticator, and changed my password. During the process I received a dozen or so emails from Blizzard informing me of different logins and whatnot. Honestly, that was probably the scariest part. But, no harm no foul. If you STAY IN COMMUNICATION with boostroom, I’m sure they’ll help walk you through any fears or concerns.
When I was sure they had finished, I changed my password again and re-verified the two-factor authorization.
LASTLY–while I had a very positive experience with boostroom, that may not necessarily guarantee the same for others. There are so many factors and variables as to why someone else may not have a good experience. If you want the best possible experience I would recommend asking boostroom for help with understanding whatever it is you want from them. Make sure your game is in a state that they can actually use. And above all, stay in communication.
Bottom line: understand all you can about what service you’re needing and what needs to go into it for boostroom to help you.
Would I use these guys again? Yes.


Quick and Effiencient

5.0 rating

Quick and Effiencient. Got everything i wanted!


I had a perfect experience with these…

5.0 rating

I had a perfect experience with these guys, within 30 minutes the transaction was completed and the service was carried out. The team are friendly and communicate extremely well. I trust these guys entirely and will definitely be coming back for future boosts.

Dan Charlton

Very quick and excellent service

5.0 rating

Very quick and excellent service. Customer service very responsive. Got what I needed.

Nick Kim

Quick and efficient

5.0 rating

Quick and efficient. Never messed my bars or anything. 10/10


Awesome group who can make just about…

5.0 rating

Awesome group who can make just about anything happen.

Matty Clark

Fast and reliable

5.0 rating

Fast and reliable, they have completed my request in 10 minutes, I recommend them to everyone! Great service!


Artifact challenge with my druid.

5.0 rating

Artifact challenge with my druid.
they were perfect , they did it in half an hour (3 specs) with good discount! thnx! I will definately use their services again!

Dimitris Lab

Very clean service

5.0 rating

Very clean service, wasn’t sure of doing this but they answered all my questions and helped me with all the process. Good job indeed.

VĂ­ctor Delgado MartĂ­n

2k to 2.4k in about 2-3 hours playtime

5.0 rating

2k to 2.4k in about 2-3 hours playtime, very effective and trustable, used them several times before, will use again


Was super scared but now have total trust.

5.0 rating

Man, when I tell you I was super scared about give out my login info. I mean really. I was asking to view the logging in and everything. They was happy to do so. I watched as they logged in and one-shot the mage tower like it wasn’t nothing. I can’t thank you enough. They was quick he did it in no time and logged right now. I will be returning for furture business.

Gerardus Pino

Really really impressive

5.0 rating

Really really impressive
Bought the Mythic Guldan Mount, 2nd Mount also dropped and managed to negotiate it also
Highly recommend

Jamie Clarke

Very professional and fast service

5.0 rating

Very professional and fast service! I bought the mage tower challenge completion before the tower was even up and they contacted me the day it was up. I would highly recommend.

Maia Torkildson

very frienldy support and fast boost

5.0 rating

very frienldy support and fast boost
would recommend it to anyone


Super fast worked really well with me

5.0 rating

Super fast worked really well with me. It was an all around smooth experience


Love It

5.0 rating

Love this its pretty quick and trustful this is my second time using this site never had any problems

Gary Addison (ElBigWeeWee)

Very happy with my 2nd purchase!

5.0 rating

Once again, I come out satisfied and with another Mage Tower appearance acquired! These fine people are the real deal! They are two for two in my book!
I was really worried something would happen this time, but I gave them time (30 – 45 minutes), as they said they were busier than normal today. Sure enough, they got it done without any issues at all.
Great price, great service! Get your mage tower appearances before they go away forever!


I first used Boostroom for the Gold…

5.0 rating

I first used Boostroom for the Gold challenge to unlock the weapon skins back in Warlord of Draenor. Since then I have used them multiple times for carries such as the Heroic Archimonde for the moose mount, Heroic Argus for the spellwing, full run heroic Argus personal loot for gear, as well as to unlock the mage tower Artifact challenge appearance for all 4 of my druid specs just now. These guys are definitely professionals and I highly recommend them to everyone. Also their prices are pretty much the best among all the other ones I looked around so there is that lol

Cal Cui


5.0 rating

P E R F E C T S E R V IC E!! ! !

Tobias Zemp

fast and efficient

5.0 rating

great service, fast and efficient

Yann Steininger

Very smooth kill.

5.0 rating

Argus boost was very smooth/quick. Would recommend.


Best professional service I have seen so far.

5.0 rating

Very quick, very professional! worth the price. going to do all of my towers through this service!


For people who need the extra help

5.0 rating

Super fast, safe , & reliable. I liked their services so much that I keep on using them. If you have doubts about rest assured that once you see them work their magic you’ll be returning back for future services

John Rodriguez

Very quick and contact was very fast…

5.0 rating

Very quick and contact was very fast aswell

Dan Clift

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