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Extremely well done boost!

5.0 rating

These guys are totally legit!
I bought a CM gold boost in MoP from them on my Paladin, and bought the WoD CM gold boost for the same Paladin 🙂
Really nice support, and really well done boost 🙂
They had some technical issues (Disconnect) but that isn’t their fault.

Christian Thuesen


5.0 rating

Only one word : perfect. Was worried at start but those guys know what they re doing. I even received a link to follow the stream on twitch was awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone who still has doubts about ordering a boost

Leo Dafuge

8/8 CM Gold self play

5.0 rating

went extremely smooth and fast!! very nice and helpful players!!!

Daniel Ostrin

nice people, nice service!

5.0 rating

i was watching the stream of one of those guys and decided to buy myself a cm-boost. i contacted them on their homepage on the live-chat. the person i wrote with was very helpful and nice to me. everything worked perfectly fine. i even could watch the cm runs on twitch, awesome!!
thx a lot guys for your service
p.s. sorry for my bad english (not my native language, im from germany)


Gold CM 8/8

5.0 rating

These guys know what they are doing, super fast and efficient. Even got to play my own toon. Highly recommend and their prices and speed can’t be beat.

Matthew Kurth

CM GoldBoost (Account Share

5.0 rating

Good, fast and safe services.
I definitely will be using them again in the future.
Thanks again guys!


the best

5.0 rating

hi all.
ordered 8/8 CMs gold run as share acc…add my doubts cause a lot of group try to manipulate you…but this guts is lagit!!!
as soon as i started to talk with them i felt that its real and everything gonna be 100% as i like it.
dont be afraid to use this guys and have fun with the results.

Almog Ben Binyamin

CM boost

5.0 rating

Great service! thanks again


Great and professional

5.0 rating

I’ve always been skeptical against services like this but after getting a account shared boost in CM’s with Boostroom I cant recommend this site enough; great and easy to communicate with their support and the boost was done without any complication!

Alexander Fransson

awesome guys

5.0 rating

seamless run, super friendly and patient. would definitely recommend using them!


safe reliable fast delivery

5.0 rating

they make your accoutn safe and are really fast about getting it done

David Hamilton


5.0 rating

I bought the above service from these guys and i am completely satisfied with the result. The did it 4 hours after the order was done and they were polite and helpful all the time.

Apostolos Limnios


5.0 rating

I got the boost 20 min after the purchase. Amazing support and communication during the runs etc. Will defiently spread the word about boostrooms!

Nicholas Madsen

Fast, reliable and a great group of people

5.0 rating

Recommending to friends and will be back again when I want another boost

Ari Squishy Anne

Besides a delay in the schedule, a job very well done.

5.0 rating

Now, to be honest, I have always had my doubts with these kind of services. Especially with the ones that use account sharing. 2 days ago I got money from an unexpected source and I did not really care about WoW anymore so I figured what the heck, let’s give it a go.
After my order had been placed I had a member of their team contact me over Skype explaining how things will go. Very clear, decent English. They had to push the date a day further due to their tank having irl problems. The next morning the run started and I enjoyed following it on stream. 5 hours later I got all the achievements and the lovely mog.
So far this site has given me zero reason to believe it is not trustworthy.

Lex Renkema


5.0 rating

Cheers for the boost.

Alex Wearing


5.0 rating


Rute Antunes

Awesome boost

5.0 rating

They are really friendly and proffesional about boosting first i was afraid to share my account details but in the end i sleep and when i woke up it was done.

Tunç Dinçer

Honest boosters

5.0 rating

At first I was sceptical about buying a boost for real money given the many websites, scamming and phising thats going on regarding the WoW universe.
However I rolled the dice and paid for a 8/8 gold boost at Boostroom and I’m happy I did. Behind the website is a group of honest players trying to make a living off boosting people with their skills in CM. They are upright, honest and happy to help. Furthermore they are good at what they are doing.
Before buying the boost I contacted them via their website chat to hear about available spots first, then I placed the order. I was guided and helped every step of the way. I set up skype/teamspeak and it was easy to communicate with them.
Sadly the run did take more than 3 hours as several of the boosters experienced ISP problems that day. ISP problems is hardly their fault and I know myself how frustrating it can be to get D/Ced. However they hung in there in order to complete my boost now that we had begun.
During the run they give a few pointers to your class/play, they call out when to prepot, invisibility pot and how many packs they will pull. Youre in safe hands when you run with them. If you can listen to spoken english and play your class average in a 5man enviroment theres nothing to worry about.
Another reason I chose Boostroom over any other site was their variety of payment options and least not of all their price. I’ve checked several boosting sites and Boostroom is the cheapest for selfplay.
I will recommend these guys. God knows I would have spent weeks trying to find people myself and do the runs myself. Pay the money, get the boost done quickly. Walk away happy and with all CM achievements done 🙂

John McGraw

Best company!

5.0 rating

Ive ordered a variety of things from these guys, all from boosting in cm to trading gold and they keep derivering it with either a set date or really super fast derivery times. Great people to work with and they deliver as promised and honest with their work.

Fredrik Karl Jonsson

Best at what they do.

5.0 rating

There are some things I feel should be mentioned about this website, that sets it apart from its competitors.
1, The price
They have lower prices because they cut away the middleman. This means that the money you pay, goes straight to the owners and this means lower prices. It also means that the persons you talk to in the support/chat, are also the guys doing the boost.
2. The attitude
I was nervous about playing with people so good at wow that they offer their expertise to boost people for money. Buy the team have a very relaxed attitude to the whole thing, meaning that you yourself feel relaxed and the fear of wiping is never present, since when it happens (and its your mistake) no one gets mad at you. They just laugh it off and continue in good spirit. This meant that the whole experiences was a really fun and pleasant one! They are extremely helpful and offers tips and instructions the whole way.
3. They are professionals.
These guys knows their stuff. Do yourself a favor and get the skada or recount addon, and watch it while you get boosted. The dps/hps these guys delivers is off the chart, and their more than willing to help you improve your own gameplay. You will over the time it takes to get boosted learn so much about how you can improve your gameplay and routine.
4. Trustworthy
This is maybe the most important thing when it comes to things such as boosts. There are a lot of sites that are simply scams. They draw you in with unrealistic pricses and untruthful promises that can never be for filled. is honest about what you will get for your money and are a legit site that can be trusted.
5. It was fun!
I imagined I would have to sit with a bunch of hardcore nerds that was so tired of doing the same challenge modes dungeons over and over. What I got was some hours of really relaxed and fun time in a game I enjoy.
Over all I was impressed and surprised by how good an experiences the whole thing was. I warmly recommend these guys and hope I will have the pleasure of doing business with them again some day.

Benjamin Fredslund Hess Christensen

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5.0 rating

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John Doe


5.0 rating

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