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Buy Level Boost – WoW Boost, WoW Carry, Fortnite Boost

Buy Level boost

First of all visit our shop and buy level boost.

This guide is for buy level boost, as well as those level to 100 via Recruit-a-Friend and it covers basics like your preset Garrison, Professions, and Flying.

If you want to boost your character to 60 first for a profession boost, check out our Leveling from 1-60 Guide which covers questing zones and dungeons.

Level 100 boosts are now available for $60 in-game and on and you can also get a boost for free if you preorder Legion.

How to Boost

Purchase Legion Preorder and get one for free, or spend $60 for a Level 100 Boost either via or the in-game shop.

Characters eligible for a Veteran bonus (level 60+) have a green icon designating they get additional perks.

You’ll receive confirmation on Veteran bonuses and be asked to choose a specialization. One spec is recommended for new players and this spec affects the stats that will be on your gear.


After clicking “Next” you’ll receive a confirmation window which means you can no longer change your selection after this step.

Click “Level Up!” and your character will get an updated set of gear and level boost.

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Also our teams are ready to start if you buy level boost.

Your character outfitted in a complete set of ilvl 640 greens. These greens are itemized for your class and spec. Because you only get gear for the spec you selected on the character selection screen. In 6.0.2, this gear resembles the armor you see when creating your character–it looks pretty unique! Non-boosted characters can acquire these appearances for transmog purposes via the Level 3 Salvage Yard in Warlords.

In conclusion if you buy level boost we will contact you to start with your boost order.

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