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WoW Classic Reputation Boost


Soar to high levels with our WoW Classic Reputation Boosts!

Your reputation is important…right?

I mean…we would hope so.

In real life.

Even in the World of Warcraft Classic, Reputation holds a lot of weight.

It is really daunting to think about the fact that your Reputation determines your fate in the game.

Replenish your thirst for adventure and give yourself a reputation boost.

Your character will thank you for it.

(The bosses may hate you though).

The bottom line is: Reputation gives you a lot of perks in the World of Warcraft Classic.

A higher Reputation not only means more rewards.

Players can also access extra quests.

In addition, reputation can be boosted in a lot of ways:


  • Completing quests
  • Killing creatures
  • Accomplishing Dungeon missions


Here’s the list of Reputation levels in WoW Classic:


  • Paragon: 0 Points to Level Up
  • Exalted: 10,000 Points to Level Up
  • Revered: 21,000 Points
  • Honored: 12,000 Points
  • Friendly: 6,000 Points
  • Neutral: 3,000 Points
  • Unfriendly: –3,000 Points
  • Hostile: –3,000 Points
  • Hated: –36,000 Points

Just as players can gain favors, they can lose them.

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Reputation Progression

WoW Classic players come to find out that the more they play the game, the more experience they can earn.

Players are faced with different levels to earn reputation points so they can move forward.

Reputation points are earned by killing mobs during quests.

You’re probably wondering:

Well, how do players go about losing reputation points?

Well, if a character kills a member of the faction or helps rival factions, they can lose reputation points.

The lowest reputation points a player can attain is Hated.

Things get deathly scary at this point and characters face the risk of being attacked on sight.

Not with our WoW Classic Reputation Boosting though!

The level below Hated is Hostile.

Additionally, unfriendly is just below neutral and lies above Hostile.

NPCs who are Hostile will also refuse to interact with, buy, sell, or trade with you.

Neutral is below Friendly and a step from Unfriendly.

Moreover, NPCs will not attack you unless you provoke them first.

Friendly gets a little bit better.

Players cannot attack friendly characters and those with a higher reputation.

At the Friendly level, You’ll earn a 5% discount on Faction items.

Honored is a leg up from Friendly and a reputation level below Revered.

Honored players earn a 10% discount on items.

Revered players can get as much as a 15% discount on items.

Exalted is the highest Reputation level possible.

Players have the luxury of purchasing and training mounts of another race.

They can also earn a 20% discount on items.


Maximum Reputation – The Fastest Reputaton Boosting Pace Around!

Exalted is the Reputation level you should strive for and we have a plan to get you there fast!

Buy our WoW Classic Reputation boosts to ignite your status and become the talk of your faction.

A good reputation is also a privilege, not a right and we have the means to build yours like you never thought possible.

Redeem your character and play into your strengths by checking out our WoW Classic Reputation boost.

Darnassus offers many zones like Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, Mountain Feralas, and Thousand Needles where players can gain Reputation.

Engage in cooking and fishing quests to gain reward Reputation.

However, where can I get Stormwind Reputation?

In zones like Duskwood, Dustwallow Marsh, Redridge Mountains, Arathi Highlands, Elwynn Forest, Southern Barrens, Western Plaguelands, Westfall, and Northern Stranglethorn.

Our WoW Classic Reputation boosts are godsent.

We also cut the time you would spend on completing quests down to…nothing.

In addition, our boosts are safe, reliable, and affordable.

An actual triple threat.

Moreover, no matter what Reputation level you are at, our experienced boosters can step in and wipe the slate clean.

WoW Classic can demand a lot of prowess, and skill but do not let that discourage you.

You can still turn things around with our Reputation boosts.

What are you waiting for?

There’s a faction out there waiting for you to lead it.

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn discounts, rewards, and Honor.

Our Reputation boost helps players at all level to achieve the seemingly impossible.

It can be a challenge to keep up but don’t let that deter you.

Put your best foot forward.

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