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WoW Classic PvP Boost


Combat between players is the core of World of Warcraft Classic. Player vs. Player (PvP) is a thrilling feature of the game and one of its most important elements. Combat can include anything from Dueling, Arena PvP System, Battleground, PvP Seasons, Random PvP World. Climbing up the PvP ranks can be a struggle. However, there’s no need to worry, we’ve got a boost for that. Let us take you to the top ranks with our WoW Classic PvP Boost.

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PvP Ranking System Overlay / Info

Additionally, we’ll go over the basic WoW Classic PvP Boost ranking system in WoW.

Dueling is basically where player characters engage in 1v1 combat in the game.

Players also have the choice of accepting or rejecting challenges to duel.

Duels can occur only in small towns, but also outside capital city gates.

However, there are no rewards earned for duels.

BGs offer competitive team tasks like flag capturing and also races for resources.

In addition, BGs range from 10v10 to 40v40.

Moreover, there are Rated Backgrounds and PvP Brawls.

Rated BG can also get very intense and there is a lot of strategy involved. WoW Classic PvP Boost

Additionally, 14 is the magic number in World of Warcraft Classic.


To summarize, players can be ranked among 14 titles in PvP.

However, the ranking doesn’t come easy—players must earn a certain number of honor points.

Players must also earn at least 15 Honorable Kill (HK) points to get to Rank 1.

Moreover, their Alliance Title is a Private and their Horde title a Scout.

And in addition, players will earn a Private/Scout’s Tabard as a reward.

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WoW Classic PvP Boost Ranks!

In Rank 2, players need at least a 2000 Rating.

Title: Corporal and a Grunt for the Horde title.

Rank 3 requires 5000 Rating.

Title: Sergeant for Alliance and Horde. Rewards: Blue Quality Cloak: Sergeant’s Cape/Cloak.

Rank 4:  10,000 Rating.

Title: Master Sergeant at the Alliance level and Senior Sergeant at the Horde level. Rewards: Blue-Quality Necklace: Master Sergeants Insignia/Senior Sergeant’s Insignia .

Rank 5: 15, 000 Rating

Title: Sergeant Major (Alliance) or First Sergeant (Horde).

Rewards: The Blue-Quality Bracers: Alliance/Horde

Rank 6:

Title: Knight (Alliance) or Stone Guard (Horde.

20000 Rating

Rewards: Access to the officer’s barracks, Knight’s Colors/Stone Guard’s Herald. Access to Combat Mana Potion/Combat Healing Potions.

Rank 7

Title: Knight Lieutenant (Alliance) or Blood-Guard (Horde) obtainable through WoW Classic PvP Boost

25000 Rating

Rewards: Rare-Quality Set Boots: Alliance/Horde, Rare-Quality Set Gloves: Alliance/Horde.

Rank 8

Title: Knight-Captain (Alliance) or Legionnaire (Horde) with Rank 8.

30,000 Rating

Rewards: Rare-Quality Set Chest: Alliance/Horde & Rare Quality Set Legs as rewards.

Rank 9

Title: Knight-Champion (Alliance) or Centurion (Horde).

Rating: 35000 Rating to qualify.

Rewards: Alliance Battle Standard/Horde Battle Standard

Rank 10

40000 Rating.

Titles: Alliance and Horde are Lieutenant Commander (Alliance) & Champion (Horde)

Rewards: Rare-Quality Set Helm: Alliance/Horde and Rare Quality Set Shoulder, also obtainable through WoW Classic PvP Boost

Rank 11

45000 Rating

Title: Commander (Alliance) and Lieutenant General (Horde).

Rewards: Access to PvP Epic Mounts: Alliance/Horde, Ability to talk in the WorldDefense Channel.

Rank 12

Titles: Marshal (Alliance) and General (Horde).

50000 Rating

Rewards: Epic-Quality Set Gloves: Alliance/Horde, Epic-Quality Set Legs: Alliance/Horde, Epic-Quality Set Boots: Alliance/Horde.

Rank 13

55000 Rating

Title: Field Marshal (Alliance), Warlord (Horde)

Rewards: Epic-Quality Set Chest: Alliance/Horde, Epic-Quality Set Helm, Epic quality Set Gloves

Rank 14

60000 Rating

Title: Grand Marshal (Alliance), High

Rewards: Epic-Quality Weapons: Alliance/Horde


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