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WoW Classic Profession Boost


What do you want to be when you grow up? The short answer: a winner. In World of Warcraft Classic, just as there is a time for play, there is a time to work hard. There are different types of Profession Boosts in WoW Classic.

Professions can be:

  • Production Professions
  • Service Professions
  • Gathering Professions
  • Others

In WoW Classic, primary professions include—Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, and Tailoring.

Professions outside of these are considered Secondary Professions.

These include fishing, First Aid, and also cooking.

In addition, all of these can be learned throughout the game.

Players can level up their profession by crafting and gathering items.

The goal is to create complex recipes to challenge the characters and acquire a lot of items through engaging with danger zones.

Just as you can level up through combat, Professions also give players a rank.

Apprentice is the lowest Profession rank, followed by Journeyman, then Expert and Artisan being the highest.

Swapping positions comes at a high price—you will lose your rank and return to square 1.

Moving ranks requires obtaining a certain player level.

So, becoming an Artisan is no cakewalk.

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Requirements / Tips & Tricks & Additional Information

If you want to pursue a Production profession, you need as much as a Level 35.

Grab your rod and fishing pole.

Let’s go fishing for some rewards.

Fishing is a popular profession in WoW Classic.

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Fishing takes time, but it offers many rewards.

Higher level players are most likely to have a higher skill requirement for fishing.

Alchemy is popular too, especially among raiders.

Players can create essential products to consume and power them up in various ways.

Survival can also be encouraged by blacksmiths.

Players can also craft powerful weapons and armor needed for battle.

Enchanting equips players with enhancements for gear (boots, gloves, weapons, chest).

This Profession works alongside Tailoring.

Enchanters can also make wands or, weapon oils to assist during raids.

Engineering is just as exciting as it sounds.

Players can create just about any number of gadgets to use.

Herbalism is another rewarding Profession where players can make gold.

Leatherworking helps with gear-making.

They also make armor kits to use as leg, helm, chest, or feet production while engaged in combat.

Other professions include mining which can produce gems and stones to work in recipes.

Skinning is a related Profession to Leatherworking.

Players can gain leather for gear.

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Tailoring is also a convenient profession.

They help create garment, cloaks, and armor for other players.

Even better: armors can offer resistance at high levels in the game.

Cooking is a pretty good skill to have.

Whether in real life or in the World of Warcraft Classic.

As you would imagine, cooking helps with the supply of food players have available.

Food helps restore character health.


Professions that go Hand-in-Hand / WoW Classic Profession Boost Mini-Guide


  • Alchemy, Herbalism & Fishing
  • Blacksmithing & Mining
  • Cooking & Fishing
  • Engineering & Mining
  • Enchanting, Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing
  • Fishing, Alchemy, Herbalism
  • Skinning, Leatherworking


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