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WoW Classic Honor Points


If you need a good idea of how you are doing in the World of Warcraft Classic, the Honor Points is probably the best indication of this.

Players earn Honor points through engaging in combat whether it is Battleground or PvP activities.

When you or another player kills someone in the opposite faction, this is known as an Honor Kill (HK).

You’ll rack up HKs by successfully killing members of other factions.

For the kill to be counted as an HK, the player must be within 11 levels of your status.

Honorable Kills are not all the same—some carry more weight than others.

If the player killed has massive amounts of experience, this makes for a more valuable kill and more Honor Contribution Points (CP).

Earning your Honor Points is tough, time-consuming work.

Fulfilling Battleground objects is another way to earn CP.

Say for instance your character captures a flag in Warsong Gulch, or a base in Arathi Basin, or killing a lieutenant in Alterac Valley.

The ranking will be updated on a weekly basis and from there, you will be able to see the points you’ve accumulated up until that point.

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