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WoW Classic BG Boost


World of Warcraft Classic amps up the adventure with its three Classic Battlegrounds: Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, and Warson Gulch. Players can duel in PvP combat and rack up countless rewards while doing so. In WoW Classic, there are many hills and valleys. We know the way to get you out of the valleys and to the top of the hill. With our WoW Classic BG Boost, you will be a superstar player in no time.

We’ll give you all the tips and tricks to master the game.

Playing the game can get tricky—there are so many steps to complete before you can move to the next.

WoW does not have to leave you scratching your head or wondering why you keep making the same mistakes.

We’ll help you rediscover the reason you started playing. You’ll instantly realize that things are tricky, but not impossible.

Boost Room has WoW Classic Battlegrounds to boost players’ chances of completing Battleground challenges.

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WoW Classic BG Boost – Breakdown & General Overview

Finally, we’re going to break down the Battlegrounds in WoW Classic.

Here is an overview of the three battlegrounds players can engage in for WoW Classic.

Battlegrounds are basically where players engage in PvP combat.

They can enter battlegrounds either by a portal or through a queue in one of their faction’s capitals.

Warsong Gulch can be found in Ashenvale.

The tensions between the Silverwing Sentinels and the orcs unfold in this battleground.

Players’ objective is also to steal the flags and bring it to their home base.

In addition, way up in Arathi Highlands, you will find Arathi Basin.

The two factions in central Eastern Kingdoms have a raging conflict.

In this battleground, players must navigate to earn resources for their own faction.

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In the Arathi Basin, there are 5 bases with flags all around the battleground.

These are Mines, Blacksmith, Stables, Lumber Mill, and Farm.

You must complete a 10-second channel time to secure a base.

Remember: There must be no interruptions when doing this.

Hold the base for a full minute and avoid the enemy snatching the flag back.

This will get you more resources for your team.

The more bases you capture, the quicker your resources will stack up.

There’s also Frostwolf Clan conflict.

The Frostwolf Clan settled in the valley ages ago.

Here, you will find the Stormpike Guard and an army of dwarves.

The main objective of the Alterac Valley is to fight through the enemy faction’s force.

Defeating the enemy’s general is a win for the faction.

Alterac Valley is a PvPvE Battleground.

Regardless of which one you end up entering, we’ll make sure that you win if you choose our WoW Classic BG Boost!


Benefits, Honor & Prestige of Winning a BG!

In WoW Classic, battlegrounds are a symbol of honor.

Characters kill lieutenant, steal bases, and receives Honor after completing a Battleground objective.

Players also get the opportunity to earn Honor points, and ultimately, increase their PvP rank.

Additionally, complete the Battleground successfully to raise your rank!

The more kills you get, the less Honor you earn.

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