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Weekly Milestones Package


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Package includes (for each character): - All Weekly PvE Pinnacle and Powerful Rewards (Nightfall ordeal 100k 1230+ is required); - Gunsmith Bounties- we will complete for you 8 Gunsmith bounties to finish Gunsmith’s weekly challenge; - Crucible Bounties – we will complete 8 crucible bounties to complete Shaxx’s weekly challenge; - Vanguard Bounties – we will complete 8 vanguard bounties to finish Zavala’s weekly challenge; - Gambit Bounties – we will complete 8 gambit bounties to finish Drifter’s weekly challenge; - Vanguard Strikes – we will complete 3 Vanguard strikes; - Nightfall Ordeal 100k – we will complete Nightfall: the Ordeal with 100000 points (Power Level 1230+ is required). - Core PvP Weekly – we will complete 3 crucible core matches for your weekly challenge; - Crucible Glory Challenge – we will get 7 wins in “Survival” mode; - Gambit Matches – we will complete 3 gambit matches for your gambit weekly challenge; - Variks Bounties – we will complete 8 Variks’ bounties (completed “Europa Challenges 1” quest is required); - Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level; - Legendary weapons and armor


Weekly Milestones Destiny 2


Destiny 2 being gigantic as it is presents many tasks to all the players striving to advance further into the end game. In order to get to the level where you are capable of conquering the enemies with ease, one would need to complete numerous Weekly Milestones Destiny 2 has to offer. That is exactly why we’ve come up with a service that does exactly that. It completes the Weekly Milestones so you wouldn’t have to do it each and every week by yourself.

All you’d have to do is contact us and buy the boosting service and we’d do the rest! If you bear any interest in avoiding the tiresome grind and completion of these milestones on your own, then the professional Weekly Milestones D2 Carry is your perfect solution. However, if you’re not after this service, you can always check our other services out. You can do so by clicking here.


Weekly Milestones Destiny 2 Carry – Overview


Why this package is so awesome shows the number of milestones that we will do after the order placement. The completion of the most important milestones will occur. Moreover, there are a few more additional options that one would be able to choose from in case he decides to go for our Weekly Milestones Destiny 2 Boost.

These additional options are :

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