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Valorant Challenges / Daily and Weekly


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Valorant Challenges


In Valorant, players are required to complete daily and weekly challenges to earn experience points and work their way through the Valorant Battle Pass.

Similar to other competitive games, experience points allow Valorant players to unlock their agents’ capabilities, unlock unique weapons skins, and access new perks within the game.

The goal of completing Valorant challenges is to earn as many experience points as possible. And also it is a must that you add some playful element to the progression experience in Valorant Battle pass.

Valorant players are assigned three weekly missions whereby they are rewarded with 10, 200, or 12,000 experience points if they complete the missions.

Each day, three missions that offer 2,000 experience points.

If you manage to complete your daily and weekly Valorant challenges, you’ll effortlessly max out your Battle pass.

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