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SinceĀ Cataclysm, questing has been a lot more direct: many important quests appear upon login. Quests take you through several elegantly designed hubs, each of which branches into a series of quest lines. They ultimately conclude in tying together a coherent story told throughout the zone. But we’re here today to talk about what life was like before the Cataclysm.

In Classic, there are still major quest hubs, but they are less clearly defined and finding many quests is left entirely up to you and your desire to explore. Besides, purely questing through a zone won’t guarantee you a certain level. You will frequently need to grind mobs in between questing to create a genuinely efficient leveling experience.

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If you’re coming to Classic from BFA (or any later expansion for that matter). There are going to be some changes in your questing experience that you will want to be ready for:

  • Quests and Objectives are not displayed on the map: To put it simply, you will have to do some exploring. If you are lost at some point during a quest you might have to read the quest or go to an external website. There you will find out where you are supposed to be going. While there might eventually be a leveling addon for Classic, part of the game is feeling immersed in a world to create an adventure all your own.
  • You may struggle to kill enemies: You might not be able to overcome several mobs at once or be able to solo an elite mob.
  • Zones don’t guarantee a certain amount of levels: Once again, coming from BFA or one of the later expansions, you might be used to finishing a zone (Vol’Dun for instance) and expecting to be two levels higher.

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