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Jumping into a new World of Warcraft expansion can always be a little daunting, and Battle for Azeroth is no different. When you first start the questing experience, you’ll have a whole new continent to explore and plenty of options at your disposal. If you want wow level 120 boost please buy wow level carry from our website.

For some players, this means a peaceful time to wander a new island and explore the environment. But for others, it’s all about hitting the level cap so you can start doing the expansions huge list of endgame activities.

This guide will answer all your questions about the fastest way to level through Battle for Azeroth.

Outside of the really obvious things like picking a class and making sure they’re level 110, there are a few other steps you should do to make sure you’re prepared for the expansion to come out.

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Some are pretty basic, like, clearing out your bags and quest log to make sure you will have plenty of space for all the new stuff you’re going to get. Others, like stocking up on supplies at the auction house, might be a little less obvious. So, here’s your auction house shopping list.

Wow Level Carry

Cheap food (to get back mana or health)
Goblin gliders (especially if you’re on Horde these will make getting around much easier)
Flasks (because a few extra stats never hurt anyone)
Hexweave bags (because you’ll get plenty of new items while leveling and you need somewhere to put them)
Finally, you’re going to need to complete the “War of Thorns” quest line. That means taking care of all of the quests in the Dark Shore.
As well as doing the Battle for Lordaeron scenario. If you have multiple characters, you can skip most of this your second time through with a dialogue option.

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