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Boost method is account sharing. Do I need to remove authenticator?

You can keep your authenticator and approve our booster once he attempt to log in. Also, you will have to set a long session login to not ask approve at each login attempt. You need to be available at the agreed time to approve our player.

Will booster change my keybinds and layout?

For most of account sharing services, the booster will have to change your key binds and spells to adjust them to play his style (performance is crucial to make boost successful). Some of the boosters are using profile add-on and they will return your key binds back, but please just to be safe do your own backup of key binds and spells before we make account sharing.

Can I use my account during account sharing order?

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Why Boostroom?


Buy Hivemind wow mount carry

Buy Hivemind wow mount boost from safe and legit boost company . The Hivemind is a new multi-seat flying mount with some very interesting abilities. The more players who join the Hivemind, the faster its movement speed goes, stacking as more players link up. Some players are speculating that this may let a massive group of players transform and fly together as a single unit, but it seems more likely that it’s simply a unique form of multi-passenger mount, but either way it’s quite a unique take on the idea.

Details on the “Joined Hivemind” effect also explain how that movement boosts work. Every new person who joins the mount adds 10% to its speed, and the buff keeps stacking. Possibly indefinitely, though more likely the boosts will be limited by however many “seats” are in the Hivemind.


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The HivemindThe Hivemind is a new secret mount added in Battle for Azeroth and the WoW Secret Finding Discord community is currently busy trying to solve the final steps of the puzzle. Join the hunt for the flying brain mount!

Update: The hunt is on and the community discovered the first BfA secret pet Baa'ls DarksignBaa’ls Darksign! When summoned, Baa’l says: “Souls fEast on enDless shrieKing, in darKNess they writhe and scream, yOu WiLl join thEm, toGether forEver morE!” Another hint maybe?

The Hivemind

The mount shares the same model with Yogg-Saron’s brain in Ulduar.

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We found two spells related to the mount and it appears that this is a multi-passenger mount and each player increases the mounted speed by 10%.

  • The HivemindThe Hivemind – Transforms you into the Hivemind. Other members of your Hivemind may join with you. This is a flying mount.
  • Joined HivemindJoined Hivemind – Joins with the target, a member of your Hivemind, limited to the outdoors, following normal vehicle rules.
    • Mod Mounted Speed Amount: +10%
    • Increase Mounted Speed Stacks: +10%

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  • The Hivemind is looking to be the next big secret in Battle for Azeroth.
  • MOUNT: The Hivemind
  • Items, golds, gear obtained during the service.
  • Live stream link is available if booster has strong upload.


  • Level 120 character, no gear requirements.
  • Account sharing (our booster log on your character and finish the service).
  • We only ask for game account username and password. We will never ask for a secret answer or access to your email.
  • For this service, we will ask you to disable authenticator or configure it so it doesn’t ask for code on each login.

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