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TBC Classic – Dungeons Boost


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More Information: The service will start as soon as possible after you make the purchase. If some of the content is not available yet (not released by Blizzard) you can make a pre-order and the service will start as soon as a content is published and live on servers. For any additional info please contact us via our website Live Chat, thanks in advance


Classic TBC Dungeon Boost

Throughout past several expansions, we have been introduced to many dungeons and instances, all unique in their own respective ways. However, the Burning Crusade, being one of the eldest expansions, even up to date, has the most difficult dungeons ever released. Not only are they difficult, but there are quite a few of them. That being the fact, one would need to learn the tactics for each and every single one. However, if you decide to buy our cheap WOW TBC Classic Dungeon Boosting (Carry) service; you won’t have to do anything but just place an order, we’d do the rest for you! Cheap Classic TBC Dungeon Boost (Carries) is one click away!

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How does it Work?

If you decide to buy Classic WoW TBC Dungeons Boost Service, whether Heroic or Normal, you should only expect the following: Transparent and straightforward dungeons boosting service in TBC. All of our boosting services are extremely simple and easy to comprehend. There are a few boosting methods when it comes to dungeon boosting in TBC. In the couple of upcoming paragraphs, we’ll go over the boosting methods, and perks of using each one of them. If you’d like to learn more before buying Classic TBC Dungeons Boosting (Carry) service, make sure to read everything carefully.

Self Play

Firstly, there’s self play cheap Classic TBC WoW Dungeon Carry service. This boosting method is known for being extremely user friendly as it gives our customers a chance to experience the boss killing first-hand. If you don’t feel like letting other people do the work for you, and would like to learn more about the mechanics and whatnot, this is the go-to option for you. You will get a chance to play with the professional Classic WoW TBC Dungeon Boosting team and get all the info you’ll ever need in order to do it by yourself next time. If you think this is your cup of tea, buy cheap TBC Classic Dungeon Carries from us today!

Account Sharing

In addition to Self Play boosting method, we have another one that goes by the name of account sharing. As the name suggests, this boosting method would allow our player to log into your account and conduct our Burning Crusade Classic Dungeon boost. This boosting service is special because it will give you a chance to lay low and chill as our player gets the job done for you. If you don’t have the time nor the will to go through all the dungeons yourself, contact us and buy cheap WoW TBC Dungeon Carry Service. If you’d like to learn more about this boosting service, or have any questions, make sure to contact us via our live chat. Our customer support agents will assist you in clarifying any doubt within your mind!

F.A.Q. – Classic TBC Dungeon Boost Questions

Within the couple of upcoming paragraphs/questions, we’ll go over the most important questions that everyone should know before deciding to buy TBC Heroic Dungeon Boosting. In addition, if there’s a question that’s not on the list, but you’d still like an answer to; you can always contact us via our live chat. We’ll give you a prompt response and help you lift any uncertainty that you may have.

How long does the Classic TBC Dungeon Boost take?

Depending on the amount of dungeons you decide to buy, as well as the dungeon you’d like to buy, the delivery time will vary. Some dungeons have more bosses, while some less. In addition, some dungeons have more mobs and some do not. All these factors will have to be put into the equation to give a proper and exact duration time. However, what you can expect from us is utmost professionalism and the quickest possible delivery time. This means that our boosters know the best ways of completing the Classic TBC Dungeon Boosting service; making it as short as possible. And finally, if you want to get an exact duration of a certain service, you can always contact us via our live chat. Our employees will give you an approximate duration depending on what you decide to buy.

Which dungeons are you capable of boosting?

A simple answer to that question is every single one. We’re offering Arcatraz, Steamvaults, Black Morass, Botanica, Sethekk Halls, Old Hillsbrad Foothills, Steamvault Mana Tombs, Auchenai, Underbog, Slave Pens, Blood Furnace, Shadow Labyrinth, Mechanar, Magisters Terrace Hellfire Ramparts Classic TBC WoW Dungeon Boosting (Carry/Carries) service. In the upcoming sections, we’ll go over each dungeon, the bosses, as well as provide all the information that you may need before deciding to buy our cheap Classic WoW Heroic Dungeons Carry (Carries). In addition, if you’d like to learn more about the TBC Dungeons, you can always click here.


Arcatraz  is the third wing of the Tempest Keep instance and is known for the tough opponents and extremely good loot table. There are 4 bosses within the dungeon, each one having specific set of spells that players need to know in order to get them down. The list of bosses goes as follows:

Zereketh the Unbound
Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates
Dalilah the Doomsayer
Harbinger Skyriss

The minimum level that you need to enter the dungeon is level 65. If you’re in need of The Arcatraz Dungeon Boosting (Carries), you can always contact us and buy Arcatraz Dungeon Boost (Carry) service at any point in time.


Steamvaults is a level 70 wing of the Coilfang Reservoir and is close to being an end-game dungeon, bearing extremely high-quality loot. This Zangarmarsh dungeon is full of naga opponents capable of inflicting enormous amounts of damage to those that come in unprepared. If you happen to not have enough gear, nor the time to tackle the Steamvaults; contact us and buy Steamvaults Dungeon Boosting Carries service. Cheap, fast and extremely safe Steamvaults Dungeon Boost (Carry) service for sale!

Black Morass

The Black Morass is a rather low level dungeon within Caverns of Time. This dungeon, albeit having the low level requirement, has tough opponents that not everyone can handle. Good coordination and team synergy is mandatory if you want to get the job done. If you’re in need of a Black Morass completion, you can contact us at any point in time and buy Back Morass Dungeon Boosting (Carries) Service that we have up for sale. The Black Morass Dungeon Boost (Carry) is one click of a mouse away!



The second wing of the Tempest Keep, located in the Netherstorm is a dungeon that is to say the least a force to be reckoned with. A home to 5 different bosses whose names go as follows:

Commander Sarannis
High Botanist Freywinn
Thorngrin the Tender
Warp Splinter

is a dungeon that you can complete by buying our “The Botanica Dungeon Boosting Service”. Botanica Dungeon Carry service has the cheapest price on the market and is available 24/7! Contact us and buy it today! If you’d like to learn more about Botanica, you can click here.


Sethekk Halls

Sethekk Halls is a former draenei holy site within Terokkar Forest.  This high level dungeon requires extreme synergy and cooperation from all the members of the team. Just having the gear is not good enough. If you don’t feel like learning the boss mechanics or you find them too difficult to begin with, buy our Sethekk Halls Dungeon Boosting (Carries) service today. Cheap, easy and extremely safe Sethekk Halls Boost (Carry) service up for sale right here.


Old Hillsbrad Foothills

Old Hillsbrad Dungeon Boosting service is for those looking to both learn the bosses, mobs and everything that the dungeon throws at you whilst simultaneously completing the tasks within the dungeon and getting all the gear that you may need for upcoming raids or dungeons in general. Contact us today and buy Old Hillsbrad Dungeon Carry Service for the cheapest price on the market!


Mana Tombs

To be able to even think about getting your hands on the gear that Mana Tombs has, you have to be at least level 62 to begin with. Having said that, a lot of grinding needs to be put in before attempting to tackle this dungeon. The dungeon itself can last quite long and takes utmost patience and precision when facing certain packs. The dungeon has 3 or 4 bosses depending on the difficulty:

Nexus-Prince Shaffar
Yor (Heroic Difficulty)

If you’re having issues with any boss within the dungeon, then our Mana Tombs Dungeon Carries will be of great assistance. Contact us today and buy our Mana Toms Dungeon Boosting Service that we have for sale!



Within Coilfang Reservoir lies a dungeon with enemies strong enough to defeat even the highest-level players with the end-game gear. This dungeon is by no means an easy one. There are hundreds of enemies lurking through the halls of the Underbog which are, to say the least, very powerful. If you lack coordination with the teammates that are not as good as you are to begin with, or just missing the gear needed to tackle the bosses, then our Underbog Dungeon Carry (Boost) service will be your best bet.

Contact us whenever you feel like you’re in need of Underbog Dungeon Boosting (Carries); and we’ll make sure to defeat all the bosses for you within a matter of minutes!


Slave Pens

Yet another dungeon with powerful enemies lurking within goes by the name of The Slave Pens. This dungeon as opposed to the previous one is even more difficult and takes a lot of time to complete. The time that not everyone has. Are you struggling with finding a proper team capable of working together? Do you happen to not have enough time to go through all the bosses? No luck with the loot? Worry not.

We have a solution that goes by the name of Slave Pens Dungeon Boosting (Carries) service. The Slave Pens Dungeon Boost (Carry) service is for those looking to avoid the hassle of having to gather a team and proper teammates needed to defeat the enemies. Contact us and buy Slave Pens Dungeon Carry today!


Magisters Terrace

Magisters Terrace is a 5-man dungeon located on the isle of Quel’Danas. This is an end-game dungeon that is extremely difficult to complete and has quite a few bosses. The list of bosses goes as follows:

Selin Fireheart
Priestess Delrissa
Kael’thas Sunstrider

If you’re in need of assistance with any of the bosses, or even the entire dungeon, you can contact us whenever you feel like you’re in need, and buy yourself a perfect, professional and extremely safe Magisters Terrace Dungeon Boosting (Carry) service. We offer the cheapest price for the Magisters Terrace Dungeon Carries, available 24/7! Click here to learn more about the dungeon itself, and the loot table.


Blood Furnace

Blood Furnace is not the end-game dungeon, but it still requires extreme coordination between all the players in the group. The loot that drops within the dungeon is extremely good and helps with getting through to the end-game content as soon as possible. If you’re in need of a quick gear up, Blood Furnace Dungeon Boosting (Carry) Service will be your best bet. Contact us today and buy cheap Blood Furnace Dungeon Carries. Extremely fast delivery and safe boosting service!


Shadow Labyrinth

If you decide to buy cheap TBC Classic Dungeon Carry, you should consider buying Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon Boosting (Carry) service. Why? Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon Boost is one of the most sought after dungeons when purchasing this boosting service for one simple reason. It is extremely difficult. Getting your hands on the items from this dungeon is an extremely hard task. If you would like to learn more about this dungeon in general before you decide to buy cheap WoW Classic TBC Dungeon Boosting (Carry) service; you can click here. In addition, if you need any further info even after reading everything carefully, you can always contact us on our live chat.



A dungeon with such a simple name, yet extremely difficult and complex mechanics sits on the edge of the Netherstorm zone. This dungeon is a home to 4 bosses. List of bosses goes as follows:

Mechano-Lord Capacitus
Cache of the Legion
Nethermancer Sepethrea
Pathaleon the Calculator

Mechanar dungeon TBC Boosting service is extremely valuable to anyone looking to gear at a fast pace. Why? The dungeon itself bears many items that are worthy only of those capable of killing all the bosses within the dungeon. If you would like to learn more about the loot, the bosses and whatnot, you can click here.;mode:heroic
Contact us today and buy our cheap and extremely safe Classic TBC Dungeons Carry (Boost) service.


Auchenai is located within the depths of Terokkar Forest, with Exarch Maladaar being the last boss of the dungeon. We are offering a solution to the problems that this dungeon shows to many players. The solution goes by the name of Auchenai Dungeon Carry Service. We’re offering extremely safe and cheap Auchenai Dungeon Boosting Service for sale. If you’d like to get the bosses down, and get yourself plenty of loot simultaneously, we’ll be your best bet! In addition, you can always click here to learn more about the Auchenai, and the opponents you’ll be facing!


Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts, as the name suggests, sits in the middle of the Hellfire. This dungeon does not require too high of a level to enter, however, when facing enemies within the dungeon on heroic difficulty, level 70 is mandatory. Hellfire Ramparts is a rather short dungeon when done properly, however, it can be a real pain when facing it with an inadequate group of people. That is where we come in. Our professional Hellfire Ramparts TBC Dungeon Boosting Service is second to none in both quality, and speed. If you’d like to conquer all the bosses, contact us today and buy cheap Classic TBC Dungeon Carry service for Hellfire Ramparts!

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