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EU + US / Glory of the Wartorn Hero (Obsidian Krolusk Mount) Boost


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Obsidian Krolusk Boost


Glory of the Wartorn Hero is an achievement obtained through the completion of certain tasks within Battle for Azeroth dungeons on mythic difficulty. The reward of the Glory of the Wartorn Hero is a mount that goes by the name of Obsidian Krolusk. Obsidian Krolusk Boost (Glory of the War torn Hero Boost) is a service that allows each and every single customer that has an intention of getting his/her hands on this awesome looking mount. If you’re also one of the enthusiasts and mount collecting fanatics, or just a  casual player looking for a mount change, buy Obsidian Krolusk Mount from us today, and we’ll see to it that you ride the aforementioned mount in a blink of an eye.

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Buy Obsidian Krolusk Mount – Achievements & General Overview

As stated earlier, in order to get the mount, one needs to complete certain tasks and overcome a couple of obstacles. Those tasks can also be found on the list down below:

Pecking Order
That Sweete Booty
Run Wild Like a Man On Fire
Breath of the Shrine
Also Trust No One
Gold Fever (Obsidian Krolusk)
Not a Fun Guy
Sporely Alive
Snake Eater
Remix to Ignition
Pitch Invasion
Stand by Me
It Belongs in a Mausoleum!
Wrap God
I’m in Charge Now!
Losing My Profession
Alchemical Romance (Obsidian Krolusk)
The Void Lies Sleeping
Bringing Hexy Back
It’s Lit!
Taint Nobody Got Time For That
Snake Eyes
Good Night, Sweet Prince
Shot Through the Heart
Ready for Raiding VI
A Fish Out of Water
How to Keep a Mummy


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