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The Messenger (Legendary Pulse Rifle)


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Requirements: - Shadowkeep DLC on your account. - Completed “Trials Access” Quest. - Power Level 1270+ is required.


Destiny 2 Messenger Boost

Among all the weapons that we offer, we also offer one of the most important ones within Destiny 2. This one goes by the name of “The Messenger”. The messenger is a legendary kinetic / pulse rifle capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. Players can get their hands on this bad boy by completing challenges within the Trials of Osiris. The skill required to do the Messenger Weapon Quest and get The Messenger is high, that is why not many players can say that they do own the aforementioned weapon. However, today, by coming across our website, you’ve given yourself a chance at this extremely good weapon. You can buy Destiny 2 Messenger Boost from us that we have up for sale almost on a weekly basis, making it as cheap as possible (cheapest on the market)!

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