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More Information: The service will start as soon as possible after you make the purchase. If some of the content is not available yet (not released by Blizzard) you can make a pre-order and the service will start as soon as the content is published and live on servers. For any additional info please contact us via our website Live Chat, thanks in advance.


Classic TBC Raid Carry

There are numerous things that one can do within the game itself, but one sticks out for the vast majority of players; and that is the raiding part of the game. Whether you’re looking to down the bosses within Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern or Gruul’s Lair, it matters not. We have come up with a service that’ll assist you with just that. At any point in time, you can come over and buy cheap Classic TBC Raid Carry (Boost) service that we have up for sale!

žWe will, depending on the method you choose, either log your account; or invite you to the party and defeat all the enemies; ultimately getting you all the juicy loot from whichever raid you decide to go for. Visit us today, and make your character the best it can be. Furthermore, if you’re interested in more services, you can always click here to check them out. And also, if you have any further questions, you can contact us via live chat. We are online at all times, ready to answer any question you may have.

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