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Legendary Powers:
The estimated time to complete your order is 1-30 days. The time depends on the method of obtaining the selected legendary effect. But our team will complete your order as soon as possible.


Buy WoW Legendary Items


As of the release of Shadowlands, we’ve been introduced to a new way of getting your hands on a Legendary item. In order to get the Legendary Item, one would need to get a certain amount of so-called Soul Ash currency which would act as a crafting material (or an upgrade material for that matter) for the legendary. However, farming the aforementioned currency is not the only way of getting the legendary. You can buy WoW Legendary Items from us today! We offer WoW Legendary Boost  (also known as WoW Legendary Carry) which would allow any one of our customers to get any amount of cheap WoW Legendary Items. In addition to the price being as low as it already is, we offer WoW Legendary Items for Sale every now and then.

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