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With the release of the new patch 9.1, we’ve been introduced to a fair share of new content. Korthia is one of the novelties that are to say the least worth mentioning. Without completing quests and tasks within the zone, one cannot even begin to think about progressing towards the end-game content. However, before even getting into the zone itself, every player needs to unlock Korthia through a series of steps. If you don’t feel like going through the motion of completing all the tedious tasks, let us do it for you. We’re offering cheap, fast and easy way to buy Korthia Zone Access Unlock Boosting Service. If you don’t have the time nor patience to unlock Korthia, our professional player will log into your account and complete it within the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

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Boosting Method

In terms of the method that we’re using to conduct this service, it is very straightforward and easy to understand. We’re utilizing the account sharing boosting method that allows our player to log into your account and complete the unlocking service. Firstly, after placing the order; we would need you to send us the armory link of the character you’re looking to get the service done on, as well as the login information (details) which we would then use to log into the account and start working on delivering your order. The rest you leave to us. In addition, most of our services, alongside this one, are streamable. That means that if you’d like to watch our player complete your ‘buy Korthia Zone Access Unlock Boost Service’, you can do so by letting us know via the live chat prior to placing the order.

The screenshots of the progress can also be provided at any point throughout the boost.

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