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OSRS Infernal Cape (Inferno Mini-Game)


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What is the Infernal Cape?

The most powerful melee cape in the game, the Infernal Cape is a sought-after item. The cape is a superior variant to the fire cape with over twice as many offensive bonuses, along with unrivalled defensive bonuses.


The Infernal Cape is awarded for overcoming the Inferno, a solo PvE minigame with 69 waves of ever tougher monsters, including TzKal-Zuk, a level 1400 boss and the second strongest monster in Runescape.


The Inferno is a very difficult minigame, players must sacrifice their Fire Cape before attempting and a defeat in the Inferno resets the player back to the first wave. Players can spend countless in-game hours attempting and failing to achieve the cape. It can be an unpleasant and discouraging task, risking hours of time and high-quality items to also gain the cape.


Infernal Cape Rewards

Once gained, the Infernal Cape can be combined with a number of objects to improve the player’s profile. Combining with the max cape will change the Infernal Capes appearance, turning it into the infernal max cape. If the cape is used together with the trouver parchment and 500,000 coins on Perdu the player can also create the infernal cape (l), which does not get lost upon death above level 20 Wilderness. An infernal cape can also undergo a trade for a chance of obtaining the Jal-nib-rek pet by speaking to TzHaar-Ket-Keh.


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