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Garden of Salvation (Shadowkeep Raid)


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Requirements: - Shadowkeep DLC on your account. - Completed the Shadowkeep campaign


Garden of Salvation

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Not everyone or everything is worth saving. Garden of Salvation marks a Raid in the Destiny 2 franchise. Deep in the Black Garden players can watch as the raid unfolds. Guardians, it’s your duty to track the source of Unknown Artifact’s signal. The Darkness itself has bestowed this signal on them. Counter the attack of the Sol Divisive Vex. They are also the keepers of Black Heart located within the Black Garden. Watch out for their green, moss-like appearance on their heads. Also, alongisde this service, we offer other services that are closely-related and that’ll surely pique your interest. You can check them out by clicking here.


Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Boost – Bosses Overview

In Garden of Salvation Raid (Boost), players are tasked with difficult bosses and enemies. The two bosses included in this raid are:

  • Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent
  • Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent

Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent

Come face-to-face with this first boss in the Garden of Salvation raid. This enemy is known for its attempt to glorify its remaining Vex subtype against the Guardians. When Guardians first enter the Garden of Salvation Raid, they encounter the Consecrated mind. The enemy flees across the garden. The Guardians have prevented the Consecrated Mind from using its most powerful weapon. Players must destroy this boss to venture further into the Black Garden. Shop for the Garden of Salvation Raid Boost (Carry) that we offer & get rid of any pesky boss in your way!

Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent

This final boss in Garden of Salvation is a Vex Axis Mind. This highly powerful group can control the masses of other Vex. Axis Minds can be Minotaurs or Hydras. The Vex has targeted this group to harvest their energy for the Darkness. Sanctified Minds have also been exposed to the consequences of the Pyramid.

In the Garden of Salvation, players must also split into two teams of three. Kill several waves of enemies as the boss roams around and fires at other players. In this phase, the Consecrated Mind is also damage resistant. Moments later, the Consecrated Mind will also discharge a Voltaic Charge. In addition, one of the players must run over to it. Each player should share the debut evenly to avoid overflow. Clearing the Garden of Salvation means summoning and defeating the Consecrated Mind. Buy our Garden of Salvation Raid Boost (Carry) & conquer all the bosses!


Weapons & Armor – Garden of Salvation Boost

The Garden of Salvation Raid Carries (Boost) also offers Destiny 2 players complete luxury. Enjoy the rewards this raid brings with top-tier gear, weapons, and also armor. Our players earn loot rewards in record timing. In Garden of Salvation, players can also expect good weapons. Some of these include:

  • Divinity Trace Rifle – Zealot’s Reward
  • Reckless Oracle    – Prophet of Doom
  • Omniscient Eye – Sacred Provenance
  • Ancient Gospel – Accrued Redemption

Armors in the Garden of Salvation includes:

  • Kentach 3 suit (Hunter, Titan Warlock)
  • Cosmetic: Inherent Truth Emblem, Ancient believer shader, Ancient defender shader

Mastering the Garden of Salvation raid demands skill and also style. The raid depends on tactics like the tether boxes. When shot at, the nearest player is tethered to a box for protection. Many players at a time can connect to tether boxes as a shield against the enemy. The Garden of Salvation raid is difficult for most players because of its intricate storyline. There is a featured Divinity Sidequest which complicates things even more for players. Most players spend several hours trying to complete this piece of the puzzle. This activity relies on technical skills and a good understanding of the game. Garden of Salvation Boost is one click away!


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