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BDO Professions


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BDO Professions


Professions, sometimes also referred to as lifeskills, are a crucial feature in BDO as they enhance your chances of acquiring resources and catching different prizes. They have several forms, with semi-AFK and full AFK-being the most prominent ones. The more you practice different BDO professions and hone your abilities, the higher will be opportunities of getting rewards. Surprisingly, there are some lifeskills that can earn you a lot of money even if you just sit idle. However, always keep in mind that all the professions require some sort of tools that will go on decaying depending upon their usage. Once you have consumed those tools, you will have to buy new ones to resume your professional activities.

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Profession Masteries

In Black Desert Online, there are six main professions that a player can play as. They are:

  • Housing
  • Fishing/ Gathering
  • Taming
  • Knowledge
  • Trading
  • Crafting


All of these BDO professions can be raised with appropriate lifeskill gears. Some of the aforementioned professions can be mastered to upgrade the stock of rare resources, whereas others are utilized to trade the items. But in order to be a pro in all of these life skills, you should either have to be an experienced player or ask for help from the professional boosters. Fortunately, our pro players are skilled in all the intricacies of BDO professions and carry the acumen to help you outstrip each and every challenge that you may face ahead.


Our BDO Professions Services

Are you unaware of the secrets of raising your BDO professions? Do you want to go from beginner to guru but not have the expertise to climb the ladder? Worry no more, because we are here to up your professional game. We take pride in offering you the services of elite BDO players, who pull out all the stops to accomplish your missions. We have mastered every profession and are fully aware how things work in each profession. From accustoming you to the hidden techniques of crafting to equipping you with the profound skills of trading, we would spare no effort to make you a pro in professions.


Why Use Our BDO Professions Services?

Boostroom has a reputable name in the BDO fandom because of our unblemished record in BDO professions boosting services. Whenever someone thinks of achieving something in BDO, the first thing they do is consult us. It is because we have secured a permanent place in the hearts of BDO players by offering premium boosting services at affordable rates. Most importantly, doing everything transparently is the cornerstone of all of our activities, meaning that we do not start working until everything is entirely clear and transparent. All of these attributes bear witness that we are best in boosting your professions in BDO.


Just Come to Us!

Your queries and comments are important to us. Reach out to us through call or email. You can also message us via the chat box. Our customer support is active 24/7 and can resolve all of your BDO-related queries in seconds. So, what are you waiting for?

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