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BDO Energy Points


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BDO Energy Points


Like several other games, energy plays an instrumental role in Black Desert Online as well. It is basically a stock of power that you can use for a variety of purposes, including gaining more money to buy premium gear for your character. The most efficient ways to increase BDO energy points are discovering new knowledge and completing as many knowledge sets as possible.

An interesting thing about energy in BDO is that the more you spend it, the more it will regenerate. Therefore, it is crucial to keep utilizing your resources of energy to get the fresh stock of power.

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Uses of Energy in BDO

BDO energy points have diverse uses. Apart from node management and greeting, they are also used for story exchange. Here are some of other eminent uses of energy in BDO:


  • Learning from an NPC
  • Theft
  • Contracting Workers
  • Gathering
  • Chat
  • Proof of Defense


But in order to learn all the usages, it is imperative to master every technique. Why? So that you do not end up wasting your energy points. If you try to expend your energy points without having the sufficient knowledge of a particular skill, you will fail in your endeavors and gain nothing.


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