Apex Wins Boost

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I made an order. What happens next? How will I be contacted?

Once you’ve completed a purchase, our client support agent will contact you within 5-15 minutes (within our working hours) to arrange the service start. If our managers are offline at the moment of purchase – you’ll get contacted once they are back online and they would prioritize your order in the queue.

Boost method is account sharing. Do I need to remove authenticator?

You can keep your authenticator and approve our booster once he attempt to log in. Also, you will have to set a long session login to not ask approve at each login attempt. You need to be available at the agreed time to approve our player.

Will booster change my keybinds and layout?

For most of account sharing services, the booster will have to change your key binds and spells to adjust them to play his style (performance is crucial to make boost successful). Some of the boosters are using profile add-on and they will return your key binds back, but please just to be safe do your own backup of key binds and spells before we make account sharing.

Can I use my account during account sharing order?

Yes, you can if you want. We are flexible and we can form the login schedule together with you and booster will log into your account at the agreed time to not interrupt your play time.

Can you live stream my order?

Yes, in most of cases we can live stream your order. Please keep in mind that some of the players have very bad internet providers (usually internet upload speed is minimal) which prevents them from streaming. The stream is turned only on your request, otherwise it will not be streamed.

Can I request / make a custom order?

Indeed you can. Our client support agents are trained and have experience with custom orders. We are able to make you a custom deal for any of our services as long as its not impossible request.

How do I know once my order is completed?

You will be notified via email and via one of the contact methods you left at order info (Skype, discord, whatsapp etc.)

Why Boostroom?


Apex Legends Win Carry

Visit our website and check your Apex Legends win carry service.

Apex Legends was released on February 4. There are still players running around Kings Canyon searching for their first victory on the game. So, we thought we would put together an easy guide to help you make it happen.

There are a number of top tips that can be very useful to use in Apex Legends. Varying from everything to running, awareness, shooting and much more.

Decent number of players are ready to help you with Apex Legends win carry.

It’s all about getting the basics right before stretching yourself too far. After all, you’re not going to read one guide and suddenly become as good as shroud. We can definitely set you on the right path.


So, let’s get started with a few simple things that you can do to improve your play style. 

  1. Land together: The landing system in Apex Legends allows three teammates to stick together both in the sky and on the ground. Players should stick quite close together, but branch off slightly to allow each player to have enough loot in the early stages in order to make them competitive. Nobody likes running around without a weapon and you can prevent that very easily.
  2. Movement is key: There’s nothing easier than eliminating a player that’s standing still. Look at all of the best battle royale players, they’re always on the move. Use movement to your advantage, flank around enemies when you spot them and give yourself the best possible chance to secure an elimination.

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  1. Callouts: You’re always going to be playing in a team of three and communication is a key part of a successful team. If you can see a player or if somebody is approaching you, give your teammates co-ordinates and specific directions. “He’s over there” is not going to be very helpful, but pointing out a key location or a nearby feature of the map might help them come over faster to help. It’s so important to have everybody on the same page.
  2. Take gunfights: You’re not going to improve in Apex Legends by hiding from enemies, camping and grinding your way to the latter stages of a match. Take the fight to players and start building up your tactical awareness in the process.
  3. Loot enemies for all they’ve got: Players will be dropping across Kings Canyon. When you get an elimination, make sure you’re looting everything they have. This will allows you to get a feel for the best weapons, equipment and the much-needed shields too. Don’t waste Shield Cells reparing your own Armor, just pick somebody else’s up instead.

Once you buy Apex Legends win carry please come to our website live chat to process your order.


  • Boost service is live and operational for this product.
  • Description with details are under construction.
  • You can place orders and contact our client support via Live chat, Discord, Skype or Mail for any further information to proceed.
  • Thanks in advance.


  • Boost service is live and operational for this product.
  • Description with details are under construction.
  • You can place orders and contact our client support via Live chat, Discord, Skype or Mail for any further information to proceed.
  • Thanks in advance.

Delivery Time

  • Service will be completed in the shortest possible time from the moment of starting if there are no issues with server stability.
  • Once the order is completed you will be informed via contact information that is left.